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Yaminah L.

Yaminah L.

Burlesque dance is a style that embraces your sensuality and sexiness. Use this class to build your confidence a long with dancing in heels.
/30 mins
Chrystie S

Chrystie S

From heels class to a playful erotic dance, this adult class explores your sensual side. Build your confidence. Have fun finding your sexual energy or putting together a dance for your partner.
/30 mins
Jordan W.

Jordan W.

Burlesque I am a teacher of 13 years and I love what I do! Burlesque dancing is a great way to exercise your body, as well as your inner diva! Through easy-to-follow fun and sensual dance movements, you will discover your body as you’ve never seen or felt before, embrace your unique style, and unleash your inner power. My burlesque lessons will leave you feeling empowered and alive with new and improved freedom of movement, better body awareness, and boosted self-confidence. Through follow along warm-ups, enjoyable exercises, and exciting choreography, you will gain strength, flexibility, balance, technique, coordination, and more. If you’re looking to: -Learn to dance -Pickup & retain dance choreography -Feel more comfortable in your body -Get stronger, more sculpted muscles -Have better body awareness -Increase flexibility -Improve overall strength -Have better extension -Increase joint mobility -Improve balance & control -Have better posture -Increase stamina & endurance -Feel more comfortable in your dance ability -Have better rhythm & musicality -Improve coordination -Improve technical skill -Have more confidence ...Then Burlesque is for you! You will feel your physical progress and be left with a sense of overall well-being, as well as see your improvements and accomplishment as a fierce dancer! My lessons are personalized to suit you: your goals, progression, and timeline, so you'll get the most out of your lessons and enjoy the process along the way! (Heels are optional.)
/30 mins
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