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Andrew K.

New York, NY

Teach singing to all ages, all styles. No matter your preference of genre, we will apply the technique of good singing and make you sing like you've never thought possible!

About Andrew

After graduating from Ithaca College with degrees in Vocal Performance and Music Education I spent three years teaching music in public schools. During that time I taught Kindergarten - 4th grade, as a long term substitute, and then 6th - 8th Grade Chorus to 430 students. During my time teaching my program grew at a rate of 30% annually compared to the band and orchestra who struggled to gain 5%. I attribute this success to my style of teaching which is accessible to everyone.

No matter the age, I will find out about what you are interested in besides music and use that as a hook to he
lp you understand what's going on in our lessons. Although I am tough, because I want you to get the most out of your time, I am positive and love to laugh.

Besides teaching in the public schools, I have also taught members of my own private studio from ages
10 - 60, and worked as an Associate Director of Music for a church in North Carolina.

I recently graduated from the Manhattan School of Music and am pursuing my dream of becoming a professional singer. While auditioning, I work as a Real Estate Broker in NYC.

*** Lesson Details ***
During the first lesson we will talk about why you are coming and what you want to learn. Once I have a sense of what direction you'd like to go, I'll come up with a plan to take us to your goal. We will work on basic fundamentals both by themselves and through the music that we choose for you to work on.

I encourage all of my students to be actively picking music that they would like to sing and I will supplement that with pieces I think you should have in your repertoire. We will work hard to reach your goals while enjoying the process. No matter the venue, you will see success as long as you are present in our lesson time and put forth effort outside of the lesson as well.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living Room with piano

*** Specialties ***
I am most at home with Classical Vocal music but have also sung as a lead Cantor at a church, in musicals, and operas. I also play piano.


LuigieN February 22, 2012
Guides me through everything step by step. Wouldn't want a different teacher.
KamilahB January 25, 2012

Andrew is an extraordinary teacher. In the first couple of weeks, he immediately identified my strengths and weaknesses and crafted individualized lessons to strengthen my piano skills. I can see an enormous difference already; he's taught me skills I could never have learned on my own. He's personable, has a good sense of humor, and holds me accountable for weekly lessons without being a taskmaster. I recommend him highly and I'm incredibly grateful for his patience, high energy, and commitment to his students.
KarimS May 26, 2011
great teacher

Andrew is patient friendly and knows his technique. I was able to feel and hear growth within a few lessons.
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Andrew K.

Andrew K.

New York, NY 10280
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Kevin R.

Brooklyn, NY

About Kevin

I have been performing on stage since I was a child, training in classical voice, piano and acting. I've studied with great teachers and performers in many disciplines, showing that everyone can improve, sometimes revealing great potential. Professionally, I've worked in plays, musicals and recently completed my masters in Vocal Performance.  I'm currently in rehearsal for the Opera Slavica production of Iolanthe, and will be performing in the tour of Elf the Musical from November to January.

*** Lesson Details ***
A good voice lesson should be fun and invigorating. Although its importa
nt to speak about ideas, singing is physical and we only learn by doing. I love working on any repertoire, and won't shy away from songs that inspire my students. My lesson format is pretty free-form. It is based on the individual student mixing what they desire with what I believe they need to improve.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Sheet Music.

*** Specialties ***
Operatic, Musical Theatre


Meredith B. May 6, 2013
Verified Student
Kevin will help you unlock the potential in your voice and get you to a place of confidence while singing

I can't recommend Kevin enough, especially for someone like me, who's returning to voice lessons after many years. Kevin has debunked the prior myths I had about the voice and singing and I now feel confident to sing after a few warm ups and an hour of being awake and talking. Kevin has really simplified the singing process for me while also teaching me techniques that keep singing challenging and invigorating. My voice is the strongest, most authentic, and most consistent its ever been and I definitely owe that to training with Kevin.
Austin V. February 21, 2013
A creative, patient, and talented teacher

I started singing when I first entered college, and I fell in love with it. My only problem was that I didn't have the experience or the knowledge on how to develop my voice. I have always wanted to be on stage singing and acting in musical theatre shows, but I didn't think I had the talent for it. Kevin helped to change this for me.

Kevin took me under his wing and right away my voice began to improve. I had a richer, deeper resonance and I started to be able to find control over my voice, my flexibility and range increased, and I started to find the carefree, easy singing voice that people strive towards.

Lessons with Kevin were always enjoyable. He is one of the most supportive people I know, and he has a way of making you feel good about yourself even if your voice is cracking or being uncooperative. I remember one time, I went to sing an F above the staff and my voice just broke completely and some really terrible sound came out. All Kevin said was, "There's that frog!" and we laughed it off and continued with the lesson.

One of the best aspects of Kevin's teaching is his ability to explain concepts clearly. He provides many different viewpoints for addressing issues with the voice and can clearly articulate solutions to your specific vocal needs.

In addition to being able to teach well, Kevin is also a very talented singer. He uses a lot of vocal models in his lessons (which only enhanced his ability to communicate concepts clearly), and I was always blown a way with how rich and resonant his voice was. I envied his ability to transition smoothly throughout all the ranges of the voice.

I know that I was not Kevin's easiest student to teach, but thanks to him I now have the confidence and the skill to get up in front of people and sing my heart out, and actually sound good! Last summer I landed the role of Rolf in our community theatre production of The Sound of Music. This would not have been possible without Kevin.
Nicole W. February 3, 2013
I learned more in 2 years than all of my years in singing

I started taking voice lessons with Kevin when I was a Junior in college. I had been seeing a voice teacher in NYC who had worked for years with many professional singers on Broadway. So, I wasn't sure what to expect when I started working with a grad student from the school of music (which mostly focuses on classical voice). I wanted to learn about classical voice but, I mostly wanted to continue working on musical theatre songs. So, I wasn't sure how much I could learn from a grad student who was young and learning about voice himself.

Kevin exceeded my expectations. On my first day with Kevin, I was nervous because all of my voice teachers in the past had been strict and would even occasionally yell at me. So, I could never fully be comfortable at a voice lesson because I had always been afraid to make mistakes. Kevin puts you at ease right away with his friendly and bubbly demeanor. He encourages you to give it your all and applauds mistakes and cracks because it means you are trying and getting to a new place in your voice that you're not used to. Kevin wanted to work on what I wanted to work on, however, he was also able to teach me things I had never been taught before with my old teacher like newer concepts and simply how to sing with a richer voice. Kevin was able to help me with all kinds of singing as he is trained in musical theatre, classical, and opera.

I knew I could also count on Kevin because of how honest he would be with me. He would tell me his honest thoughts about my work and any shows he came to see me in. I valued Kevin's opinion because he was ALWAYS straightforward with me.

Not only was Kevin a great teacher but, he was SO supportive of me. Kevin came to my rehearsals and performances to give me tips on how I could improve my performance and coached me on characterization singing. He even agreed to meet with me outside of our normal lessons if I ever needed help with an audition piece.

I could honestly go on and on about how wonderful Kevin was and I am so sad that I can no longer have him as my voice teacher due to distance. However, the things Kevin has taught me will always stay with me and I am sure I will use everything he has taught me for years to come.

I HIGHLY recommend Kevin R. as a voice teacher. No matter what kind of singer you want to be or how experienced or trained you are Kevin will meet your personal needs to help you reach your goals. He will challenge you, motivate you, and leave you feeling proud of what you accomplished. I learned more in the two years I worked with Kevin than I did in all of my years of singing. So if you are looking for a high quality, honest, and supportive voice teacher Kevin R. is perfect for you!
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Kevin R.

Kevin R.

Brooklyn, NY 11216
starting at
$60 / 30-min

Neda L.

New York, NY

About Neda

The goal I have for my students is I want my students to really understand why they are doing a particular thing with music, where it being why do we play scales, why is it this key signature, vocal technique, warm ups, etc. I feel what my student is doing internally,and can quickly help them with fixing or adjusting their technique. I want the best for them. Always!

*** Lesson Details ***
Bring your music books, a pencil, and a something to record your lessons with.

I am a very fun person, really energetic, and nice. If my students do what I ask them too, they will see that side of
me. If they don't, I tend to be a little strict and firm, mostly because when I was learning piano as a kid, I used every excuse in the book...I was an excellent pianist but bad student, and so now I understand what my teacher went through when my students don't behave or do what I ask. If you do things on time, it will benefit you!!! I am there to help :)
Theory is very important to master, because it is the fundamentals of learning music. If you are learning how to sing a piece or play a piece but don't know why you are doing something in the music, then what is the point? Theory will help you understand all of that. I have been a music theory tutor at my university for the past 3 years and am very patient with my students and they all get A's! I once gave my sister a 4 hour crash course on theory for the Certificate of Merit Exam, and she literally didn't know anything because she put it off for the last minute. After the crash course, she got an 88 percent!! I am very good at what I do and love doing it.

*** Studio Equipment ***

*** Travel Equipment ***
Piano, staff paper
I expect my students to have a notebook for me to write their homework in, music, and a piano or keyboard (if they can, but for sure piano students).

*** Specialties ***
Opera, musical theater, music theory, audition prep, audition techniques. I specialize in vocal pedagogue, and my goal for my students is to have them learn and sing any genre of music they would like, as long as they do it in a healthy way. You only have one voice, one unique voice that is yours, so like they always say...treat your body...(voice) like a temple!

To prospective parents looking for a voice teacher:

I would highly recommend Neda Lahidji as a voice teacher for children. Neda is a gifted singer with an amazing voice and she carries this special gift into her vocal lessons.

I first met Neda in 2013 when she was the Vocal Director for the Children's Musical Theater's Wizard of Oz. Neda was very friendly, positive, and passionate about the vocal rehearsals. She showed the kids respect, was patient when she needed to be, firm when necessary and provided the kids with the necessary tools for them to succeed in their singing. Neda's passion for singing and her excellent teaching skills made the show fun and a huge success.

My daughter was then extremely fortunate to have had Neda as her vocal teacher following the end of the show. Neda's passion for music and for teaching kids is evident in every lesson she has given my daughter. She is enthusiastic, energetic and uses many positive teaching techniques. Neda's lessons also address performance techniques, which are particularly helpful to my daughter.

I would highly recommend Neda as a vocal teacher. I am tremendously grateful to her for everything she has taught my daughter.

Dear Parents,

Both of my daughters are already missing Neda Lahidji, their vocal coach from San Jose, CA, although they feel incredibly fortunate to have worked so closely with her. And, as a mother who sat and listened on the sidelines, I wholeheartedly agree. From the start, we found Neda to be patient, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable.

Neda always made herself available when my girls called her with a new challenge. When one of my daughters needed to find and perfect an audition song in only four weeks, Neda provided a variety of choices, helping her hone in on the best selection and work on it note-by-note. With her in-depth understanding of and experience in musical theater, Neda quickly assessed my daughter’s situation and skills, guiding her toward her audition and the lead in her school’s upcoming musical.

Neda has also worked extensively with my other daughter to expand her range, gently teasing her out of her comfort zone. An extraordinary teacher, Neda excels at providing guidance and practical exercises to help her students find the all-important mix between head and chest voice. Most importantly, Neda’s passion for music and musical theater is contagious. Both of my girls always left their lessons feeling more confident and positive about whatever challenges they faced.

I recommend Neda without reservation to any parent looking for a voice coach who can help his or her child soar!

I highly recommend Neda Lahidji as a voice teacher for any child wanting to improve their singing/voice. My daughter (14 years old), took lessons with Neda for over 6 months (2014) and we were very impressed with her talents as a voice teacher. The only reason we stopped was because Neda left San Jose to continue her education in New York. During the time that Neda instructed our daughter she helped her decide on an audition song (for Children's Musical theater), and practiced with her. She worked on different voice technics and used visual examples which were helpful in developing my daughters voice. We were able to see an improvement in my daughters ability to carry notes. Overall, Neda is a responsible, caring, teacher that thinks about the whole child and what's the best way to bring out the talent in the child. On a more personal note, Neda is a great roll model for my daughter. Neda has taken the time to talk to my daughter about school and her career in musical theater. My daughter would also like to continue her education in theater.

Advanced Training:
Summer 2010: Operafestival di Roma. Performed in the opera production of Die Fledermaus and Suor Angelica.
Summer 2009: Intense one week training with the National Association of Teachers of Singing.
Summer 2008: Attended the Boston University's Tanglewood Institute young artist vocal program.
Summer 2007: Vocal Academy for High School Students at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.
Summer 2006: Participated in œAmerican Musical Theater Conservatory for 5 weeks for acting, singing and different styles of dancing.
2011: Musical Director for Chapman University's all women acapella group Simply Vocale.
2011: Founding member of Chapman University's musical theater club Chapman On Broadway
2008: Wrote an adaptation of Cinderella for my independent drama study senior year which was performed a year later by Notre Dame Students
2007: Choreographed an opera production of Hansel and Gretel at Bay Shore Lyric Opera
2007: Assistant Director/ Stage Manager for the musical œOOPS: the family musical with BeThatKid Productions
2004: Choreographed an opera production of Ãmahl and the Night Visitors œat Bay Shore Lyric Opera
Theatre- Participated in total of 26 shows at Roberta Jones Junior Theater, Children'™s Musical Theater of San Jose, Notre Dame High School, Saratoga Theater Arts Repertory, and at Chapman University Opera Chapman, with many lead roles.
Acting- Commercial, Voice Diction, Improv Acting, Soap Sitcom, Cold Read, Monologue, Runway, and Auditioning Skills
Dance- Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip-hop- 2 years at Dance Academy
Music and Voice- Piano (16 years), Violin (7 years), Voice-(11 years), Choir (6 years)
Special Skills- organizational skills, people skills, leadership, sings in 4 different languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish), fluent in speaking Farsi
VOICE: Spring 2010: Finalist for Y.E.S. Foundation for the Arts in San Francisco
Spring 2009: won 2nd place in Aria division and 3rd place in Musical Theater division at the National Association of Teachers of Singing
Spring 2008: 1st place in Musical Theater division and 2nd place in Art Song division at the National Association of Teachers of Singing
Spring 2007: 3rd place at the œOlympiad Competition.
Fall 2006: Finalist for vocal competition and winner for Top Teen Actor in Las Vegas
Spring 2004: 2nd place at Western Regional/California State Talent and Performing Arts Competition
PIANO: Spring 2008: Graduated from the Certificate of Merit in Piano at Dr. Daniel Harrison Music Studio (President of Certificate of Merit)
Spring 2004: Grand Champion at œWestern Regional/California State Talent and Performing Arts Competition
Spring 2001, 2000: 4th place consecutively at U.S. Open Music Competition
1994-2004: studied at Thomsen Studio, gave numerous recitals


Janel M. January 5, 2015
I got to experience the joy of working with Neda last fall when I did a production of The Wizard of Oz in San Jose. As the vocal director, Neda took on the responsibility of teaching kids ages 8 to 14 the songs from the timeless classic. Not only did she succeed, but she did so wonderfully! The show turned out really really well! Behind the scenes though, Neda was able to teach the songs to everyone in a fun and unique way. She was able to relate to each and everyone of us, and she made the rehearsals so enjoyable. She was very patient, very kind, and very funny! She works very well with kids, and is a joy to be around.
Bella D. January 2, 2015
I had the pleasure of working with Neda in a youth production of The Wizard of Oz in San Jose. As the vocal directer, she carried the big responsibility of bringing the lovely music in this classic to life, which she certainly succeeded at doing. At every rehearsal, she was kind and patient, and she knew exactly how to uniquely communicate ways to improve the song in a way that everyone from 8-year-old to high-schoolers could understand. Her voice is beautiful and extremely versatile. Neda is a passionate, fun, understanding person with so much to offer to a young singer or actor/actress. :)
Lisa W. May 3, 2014
Broadway Singing
A blessing for my daughter

I put off looking for voice teachers fro my daughter until her voice matured a bit. About the time I felt she was ready, we met Neda, who was the vocal director for my daughter's show. Ashley immediately took to Neda, and began weekly vocal lessons.
Not only are her fees fairly priced, we wholly trust her. She is professional, kind, patient and honest. She has helped pick out appropriate songs for my daughter to use for auditions and to help train her voice for further growth.
I have seen such an improvement in my daughter's vocal abilities. Neda has been a blessing for us and I would highly recommend her for all ages.
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Neda L.

Neda L.

New York, NY 10012
starting at
$45 / 30-min

Alex H.

Brooklyn, NY

All ages/levels, both male and female. Tailor lessons specifically to what student needs and wishes to work on.

In addition to developing proper vocal technique, stamina and musicality, a strong focus is placed on storytelling, and how to most effectively convey the backbone of a musical theatre piece through a rooted understanding of the lyrics.

About Alex

Having grown up with a father who ran a guitar shop and a professional singer for a mother, music was just another language to communicate with in our house. Learning to speak through music (and vice versa) taught me how to focus and develop new skills, which helped me in school with anything new that I have ever had to learn.

In 5th grade I started playing bass guitar at home, trombone in the school music program, and private lessons for piano.This got me exposed to a uniquely wide range of music very early on.

When I was a teenager, I was honored to be the youngest person to study a
t Victor Wooten's first bass/nature camp in 2000, a star-studded week long master class with some of the world's most decorated musicians in Montgomery Bell State Park outside of Nashville. I played in local bands in the Berkshires, wrote music for Shakespeare & Company in Lenox, and sang such roles as Valjean in Les Miserables and John Wilkes Booth in Assassins, as well played in orchestras across the county. I performed as both a bass player and a vocalist in the Massachusetts All-State Jazz Ensemble (separate years, of course!)

I moved to New York to get a degree in Theater as a singer and actor. Since then I've been fortunate enough to work in NY orchestras, cabarets, theater and national TV, tour the world with a variety of artists, work as a session musician and play with some of the best musicians in town.

Music has been a life-directing guide for me; from the wonder of discovery to the mastery of new and exciting techniques, music has always been a sort of way for us to communicate intimately, yet on a universal scale. To pass the same experience on to others is such a gift, and one I value greatly.

"When words fail, music speaks."

So, let's start talking!


Michael S. May 19, 2013
Verified Student
Enjoyable Learning Experience

Alex is not only a great teacher, he's a great musician. His ability to share any level of musicianship, playing, listening and learning made my time with him very well spent, My guitar playing has improved and I enjoy my guitar so much more since having worked with him. It's noticable.
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Alex H.

Alex H.

Brooklyn, NY 11201
starting at
$30 / 30-min

Christina G.

Brooklyn, NY

Singing for stage requires a certain techniques that builds on the foundation of breath control, diction, and projection. With me kids can learn the basic foundation of singing with a healthy sound, and adults can advance these techniques. As a teacher I work with kids from 5-18 develop a healthy foundation for their sound.

About Christina

Christina G has been studying voice for over 15 years. After graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Ms. G worked as a performance artist in Musical Theater, Theater, Film, and Television in NYC and all over the country.
In the past few years, Ms. G. started song-writing for what she thought would be a side project. Just a few years later she's now the lead singer/songwriter of the band Keekwyn & The Hackers. No matter what form it takes, singing has always been Ms. G greatest joy. The joy of singing is what she always leads with when she teaches.
Ms. G. started teaching private voic
e three years ago in Park Slope, and is excited to join the TakeLessons Voice Department! Combining technical knowledge of the voice, professional experience of the music industry, and the desire to guide others to connect to their passion, Ms. G. developed a singing method that invites all levels of study to embrace the art of singing.

*** Lesson Details ***
A one hour session includes (adults):
• Vocal exercises to engage the body in remembering how to access an open sound
(learning reflexive control, breath control, tone, and diction)
• Working on a suggested song or a song of your choice

For Kids!
1) Vocal warm-ups and exercises for proper breath control, diction, and tone
2) Sing a suggested song or a song of your choice
(learning how to perform the song and build a songbook)
3) Music and creativity focused check-in

*** Studio Equipment ***
• Casio Keyboard 88-keys

• Yamaha studio monitors

• State of the art recording studio with professional microphones and Logic software

*** Travel Equipment ***
• MacBook Air for background track access
• No travel piano available

*** Specialties ***
• Songwriting

• Find Your True Voice healing technique

• Musical Theater performance


Elisabeth T. January 17, 2014
Working with Christina can help you relax into your natural voice.

My experience working with Christina has been very satisfying, both in terms of increased technical ability and a greater sense of freedom , openness, and confidence. She skillfully speaks to the heart and gives useful and precise guidance along the way. Highly recommended!
Marisa V. January 4, 2014
Becoming One With My Voice

Having consistently misidentified with the sound or tone of my voice throughout my life, working with Christina has helped me to "Find My True Voice." Finding it in speaking, singing or through my creative process and embracing it to allow it to come through. Singing has become a JOYFUL expression of my spirit. Christina's teaching style is clear and simple so any age or any level of singer will be able to learn, understand and apply her work.
Julie M. January 2, 2014
Christina is INCREDIBLE

My 9 year old daughter has been taking lessons with Christina all year. Christina is a highly gifted teacher. She is patient, kind, positive, creative, flexible, attentive, intuitive and oh so talented. Listening to the lessons always warms my heart. My daughter is elated after each one. The lessons are a mixture of technique, theory, and creativity.

What's more, Christina is very good at sensing just what my daughter needs and giving her exactly that each week.

I cannot recommend her more highly!!!
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Christina G.

Christina G.

Brooklyn, NY 11215
starting at
$50 / 30-min

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