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Cem M.

Jersey City, NJ

• art of practice
• rudimental studies
• learning songs, beats, fills
• formal technique
• coordination and independence
• sight reading
• improvisation
• rhythmic composition
• studio / recording sessions
• variety of styles: jazz, rock, funk, R&B, Latin, Middle Eastern, Brazilian

About Cem

Thanks for checking out my profile. I look forward to helping you reach your musical goals in drum and percussion! Here's a little info about my musical training:

Born in Istanbul, Turkey and raised in Tulsa, OK, my first musical experiences were on my grandmother's old piano. I was later introduced to a drum set when my brother and I received a drum set as a gift. I played in several local bands and in my high school jazz band in Tulsa, playing a range of musical styles from rock, swing, funk, and Latin. I decided in my senior year of high school to take music seriously and moved to NYC
to study at the Drummer's Collective. During this period, I also focused on Middle Eastern hand percussion (doumbek, riq, and frame drum) and studied with Mehmet Akatay in Turkey. After receiving my certificate at the Drummer's Collective, I applied and was accepted to the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music Program in NYC, where I received my BA in Music. Since my graduation, I've been working as a freelance musician, playing with my band Manner and other groups, producing music for commercials, and teaching students in the Jersey City, NJ, and New York / Brooklyn, NY area.

*** Lesson Details ***
Before anything, I believe music and specifically music lessons must be fun. I'm an easy going and patient person and my goal with lessons is to ensure that students are understanding music in a fun and musical way.

I teach out of my home and studio in Jersey City. We will come up with a goal and decide what to expect from our lesson plan We can work on formal technique, sight reading, and improvisation, or if you just want to learn the beats to your favorite tunes, we can just ROCK OUT! So keep note of your favorite songs, and we'll break it down and learn the beats.

I have extensive training in Middle Eastern hand percussion. So those of you who are interested in playing doumbek, riq, or frame drums, we can work on learning different different rhythms and meters from the Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian, and Macedonian styles.

Focus on:
- learning songs, beats, fills
- formal technique
- coordination and independence
- sight reading
- improvisation
- rhythmic composition
- variety of styles: jazz, rock, funk, R&B, Latin, Middle Eastern, Brazilian

Accepting levels from beginner to advanced.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Both in-home and in-studio are equipped with a full drum kit, guitars, percussion instruments, keyboards, amps, and PA system for playback and play along. Recording availability to record lesson material or even collaborate and record a song together! Free parking right outside of the studio, and parking easily found in front of my home.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Drum pads, sticks, curriculum material, percussion instruments.

*** Specialties ***
The main musical styles I perform are rock, jazz, Latin, funk, R&B, and Middle Eastern / Balkan music. I studied jazz performance in college and also focused specifically on Middle Eastern and Brazilian percussion.


Jonathan R. November 18, 2014
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
Cem is a great musician and instructor. His lessons are always informative, and best of all not boring. He plays alongside you and he is always patient, and helpful. Cem is a excellent teacher who wants to see his students progress, and I would recommend taking lessons with him.
Kendra T. December 1, 2013
Verified Student
Instructor Review

Cem is an excellent instructor, a very patient teacher that takes the time to discuss the importance of form and sound quality. I have always had the desire to play drums and have never played so I appreciate his approach of making me feel at ease by playing along with me so I can see his form and technique. All the feedback I have received I have been able to return to the next class with improved skill and understanding. I really enjoy and look forward to my classes and I am happy with my progression during a short period of time.
Elizabeth B. November 11, 2013
Verified Student
this product is amazing

He is a great coach, and is very patient and creative in his teaching
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Cem M.

Cem M.

Jersey City, NJ 07302
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Dave P.

Brooklyn, NY

About Dave

I am a Berklee College of Music graduate with a bachelor's degree in Drumset Performance and 17 years experience on the drums (12 years professionally). I've played in almost every kind of style over the years, but specialize in Jazz, Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop & West African. I currently perform in 10 groups, all based in New York City and play gigs all over town. I've been teaching in both private one-on-one situations as well as group lessons for the past eight years.

I spent three months in The Gambia, West Africa during the winter of 2012, studying four different traditional instruments: the
Djembe, the Doun douns, the Mbalax drum, and the Balafon (a West African xylophone-like instrument).

•Note About Traveling for Lessons: I will travel anywhere within an 8 mile radius of me in Brooklyn or Manhattan free of charge. Queens and Bronx are negotiable but will require a travel premium. If you live outside of these areas and are still interested in lessons, feel free to contact me and we may be able to work it out. Thanks!

*** Lesson Details ***
As a teacher my philosophy is simple: Our number one goal is to make music. Some people focus on one style or another but I don't feel that is the best way to learn nor impart musical knowledge. I believe that on the drumset, the technique for virtually every style of music is fundamentally the same. As long as you have good time, technique, and sound, you can adapt to any style of music. The way you learn a style is through extensive listening and becoming thoroughly familiar with the musical language. I'm not just going to show you how to play "rock drums" or "jazz drums..." We're going to learn how to make MUSIC on the drums. This means that my students will not be limited by my knowledge (or perhaps, lack thereof) regarding certain styles of music. You will develop the power of strong technique and listening abilities and with those skills, can learn whichever style you like.

My teaching approach is such that I will get to know each student on an individual basis and find out what he/she wants to get out of the lessons. We will then come up with a lesson plan, personally tailored to the student. I am laid back in that I want my students to be able to learn at their own pace, but I expect every student to put in the time between lessons to work on what we have covered. Private practice is the only way to truly improve on an instrument.

We will start very basic and work up from there. I'll focus on proper technique, posture, and we will work on getting a solid sense of time and feel as well as a good sound on the drums. If these foundational concepts are understood from an early point, all future studying and practice on the drums will be infinitely easier, and the student will be able to see rapid improvement in their playing. Within a few weeks we'll be playing some basic rock and funk beats, and we'll be making some real music! Learning drums can be super fun and rewarding. With a positive attitude and the willingness to put some work in, the sky is the limit! I'm excited to begin working with you and helping you achieve your musical dreams!

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect my students to have their own sticks. A drumset at home or access to one is a huge plus, but I understand the difficulty of having that in New York City so it's not a necessity. A practice pad should be purchased so you can keep your hands on the sticks throughout the time between lessons - only way to improve is practice! I'll provide some handout exercise sheets but will also recommend books for the student to purchase for the lessons.

*** Specialties ***
As a drummer, I play almost all styles of contemporary music: Rock, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, as well as some more "worldly" styles like West African, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban etc.

As a teacher, I focus on developing a solid sense of time, feel, groove, sound on the drums, as well as the fundamental techniques to get there: stick control, rudiments, independence and coordination between the 4 limbs.

I emphasize the importance of reading music, but equally, the importance of developing good ears. Both are invaluable tools to help with the learning of any instrument. Reading music isn't a pre-requisite to studying with me, but we'll work on it over the course of the lessons.


Dave September 9, 2015
Drum · In home
Dave is a great drummer and teacher! He really helped me with my limb independence, and achieving a deeper and heavier groove!
Ian J. August 27, 2015
Percussion · In studio
Dave worked and volunteered with our organization, YoungVoices/BigSounds. He's an awesome musician and a great teacher!
Ben August 21, 2015
Drum · In studio
He has a firm grasp of how to play all different styles of music and how to communicate his skills to people of all levels. Great teacher!
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Dave P.

Dave P.

Brooklyn, NY 11215
starting at
$45 / 30-min

Paul W.

Brooklyn, NY

I teach all styles and levels of drumming! Focus on listening, playing along to songs and recordings, groove, time keeping, technique and reading. Some discussion of music theory and history. I tailor my lessons to meet each individual student’s needs and expectations. I encourage students to bring their favorite songs and we usually end up working with those. I also like using songs by The Beatles as they provide a perfect (fun and familiar) platform to learn many different aspects of drumming and musical performance.

About Paul

As a teacher (and also father) Paul finds great joy in sharing his experience and insight with the next generation of creative musicians. For many years, he has taught drummers and percussionists of all ages and levels in academic settings as well as privately. He has also taught workshops and masterclasses at several renowned venues and music conservatories while touring with bands throughout Europe (Royal Academy of Music, London UK; Hull University, Hull UK; Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood, Paris FR).
Playing music has always been a part of Paul's life. Growing up in a family of musici
ans, he started playing cello at age 6 and he's been playing drums since age 8. After an extensive classical tutelage at the Music Conservatory in Esch/Alzette (Luxembourg) and at various music workshops throughout the world, he completed both undergraduate and graduate studies at Manhattan School of Music, learning from the likes of John Riley, David Liebman, Samir Chatterjee & Michael Abene.
Paul has since been able to make a name for himself among the local and international music industry as an accomplished drummer and forward-thinking composer. He has performed at several international festivals (North Sea Jazz Festival) and at some of the world's most prestigious jazz clubs in the US and overseas. Paul has appeared alongside such emerging stars as David Binney, Linda Oh, Ambrose Akinmusire, Will Vinson, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Lage Lund, Mike Moreno and Tim Collins.

*** Lesson Details ***
Whether my students are young or old, taking lessons as a hobby or wish to pursue a career in music, I tailor my lessons to meet each individual student’s needs and expectations.
I have a lot of fun teaching and I want you or your child to have fun during our lessons.
My students learn music in the most natural and intuitive way possible. I try to build on what the student already likes, listens to and has a passion for. I encourage students to bring their favorite songs and we usually end up working with those. I also like using songs by The Beatles as they provide a perfect (fun and familiar) platform to learn many different aspects of drumming and musical performance.
In addition to being a drummer and percussionist, I have a strong background in music theory and I want to make sure my students not only know how to play their instrument, but also become familiar with reading and writing music.
After a few months in the studio, you or your child can expect to have a better understanding of music and have acquired the basic tools and techniques which will allow you to play your favorite pieces of music.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Drumset, Cymbals, Practice Pads, Audio Equipment for Play-Along, Electric Piano

*** Travel Equipment ***
Practice Pad, Cymbals, Laptop, Recordings, Headphones and necessary cables, sheet music, .... .

*** Specialties ***
All styles of drumming


Luis J Amadeo A. December 13, 2015
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
Paul is great teacher. My 7 year old son and I have been taking lessons with Paul for several months and I'm very please with the progress that we have both made. Paul has done a great job at tailoring my son's and my lessons to reflect the difference in age, skill, and musical interests. He has taught us fundamentals and technique but has also incorporated songs into the lessons, which is helping us build skill, while making it more fun. I would recommend him both for kids and adults. He has a great personality and is very patient, responsible, and puntual.
Devon Z. October 5, 2015
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
I have little musical training and absolutely no experience playing the drums but thought it would be a fun thing to do in my free time. I'm 31 and did not have high expectations that I would be able to handle even basic 3-limbed coordination. After sitting down with Paul once, it was a happy revelation to find out that I was actually capable of learning. He is patient & observant. For a beginner like me, he does a good job of structuring incremental exercises, while simultaneously finding songs at my level, so I could learn to play a song from beginning to end after only a few lessons. He's good at keeping me on track and encouraging me to practice. I feel lucky that my first experience learning the drums has been with such a great teacher!
madeline park September 21, 2015
Drum · In studio
Verified Student
Paul is an awesome teacher! I began taking drum lessons on a whim and had 0 experience/ former knowledge about drumming. He has taught me so much in very little time and made it extremely dynamic and fun. I look forward to my lessons each week because I always feel accomplished at the end. I highly recommend him as a teacher!
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Paul W.

Paul W.

Brooklyn, NY 11215
starting at
$40 / 30-min

Zach M.

New York, NY

-"How can I play this on the drums?"

-"What is this drummer playing here?"

-"Help , my kid makes noise , not music"

DON'T WORRY, you've found the right person

Zach has been teaching drums for 8+ years.

EVERY STYLES from rock to reggae , bossa nova , hip hop , groove , gospel , jazz , RnB , blues....

He studied at :

•Agostini School of drums 1996-2007 (in Montigny le Bretonneux , France)
• The American School of Modern Music 2008-2012 (in Paris ,France)
•University of the Arts in 2012 (in Philadelphia ,USA)

He aslo studied with Joe Morello's former student and co-author of Master Studies 2 book and inventor of the Vic Firth Hingestix :
Sam Ruttenberg for 3 years.

He mainly studied privately with today's best jazz drummers :

• Ralph Peterson Jr
• Byron Landham
• Henry Cole
• Ari Hoenig
• Ziv Ravitz
• Ulysses Owens Jr

He plays as a professional drummer at the AME UNION CHURCH of Philadelphia every Sunday in North Philadelphia.

About Zach

Zach was born and raised in France and moved to Philadelphia in 2012 from the city of love : Paris.
He recently relocated to New York.

He graduated from "Jean-Monnet European High-school" where he specialized in English and Literature.

He has been teaching FRENCH and DRUMS for more than 8 years now.

He attended the American School of Modern Music of Paris for 3 years and moved to Philadelphia to study with Joe Morello's former student Sam Ruttenberg at the University of the Arts in 2012.

more infos and videos here :

He plays as a professional drummer a
t the AME UNION CHURCH of Philadelphia every Sunday in North Philadelphia (1614 Jefferson st)

Ever since he moved to the US,
Zach has been touring and was able to study with the best international drummers such as :

•Ari Hoenig
•Ralph Peterson Jr
•Ziv Ravitz
•Henry Cole
•Ulysses Owens Jr
•Byron Landham

~~Teaching Philosophy~~

1. Drums - ( details about French lessons below )


•I teach beginners to advanced students , all ages and styles are welcome

I can teach you ( how to ) :

• read
• improvise
• play with other musicians
• the history of the drums
• your role as a drummer
• make music with an instrument that at first doesn't seem very musical
• swing
• latin / afro cuban grooves
• rock
• correct your grip of the sticks
and everything else you may ask... the possibilities and endless

2. French

Most people I've taught come to me saying "French people are rude , when we try to speak french they answer in english" or "French is so hard , I can't learn it"

Well let me tell you : THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WITH ME

French is easy , you just need a good teacher who cares about you.
And I do.

I can help you with :

• Pronunciation ( so that nobody will answer you in English )
• What to know if you go to France soon ( so that you can know a little bit before you go )
• Basic to advanced conversation ( so you can answer people when they ask you a question )
• Train your ear
• Grammar / Vocabulary / Verbs ( don't worry it will be fun )

After the first lesson , my students realize that french isn't scary anymore.

With me as your teacher :

YOU can speak french


Melinda Lynam December 16, 2015
French · Online
Verified Student
Great lesson. He answered all my questions and repeated pronunciations when I asked.
Deborah W. September 24, 2015
French · Online
Verified Student
Wonderful teacher! He has a positive attitude and excellent language skills. Bravo!
Lujain A. March 22, 2015
French · In home
Verified Student
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Zach M.

Zach M.

New York, NY 10011
starting at
$70 / 60-min

Riccardo B.

Brooklyn, NY

Experienced drum teacher of 8 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn. I specialize in independence, reading, groove playing, technique, all styles. I use many of the most popular drum methods from the tradition of world drumming.

About Riccardo

Riccardo has been teaching private lessons since 2006 and is currently available to teach lessons at your home, at his studio, and online. Riccardo has helped students of every age, level and musical inclination.

Riccardo received his first training at 'Accademia del Suono' (Milan, Italy) in 2011 where he received a degree in music performances, theory and education; Riccardo received his second training at 'Drummers Collective' (Manhattan, NY) in 2013 where he received a diploma in ear training, music theory and drum performances.

As an expert in his field, Riccardo looks forward to hel
ping new students achieve their goals. Riccardo's teaching style is focus on musical styles interpretation, playing in a band setting, transcribing, reading and listening.


Giorgia B. February 9, 2016
Drum · In studio
Riccardo is a very knowledgeable teacher and also able to make the lesson fun.
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Riccardo B.

Riccardo B.

Brooklyn, NY 11211
starting at
$20 / 30-min

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