The 10 Best YouTube Drum Lessons 2

Learn Drums Online: The 10 Best YouTube Drum Lessons


The 10 Best YouTube Drum Lessons 2

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate drummer, YouTube is a great resource to help you practice between drum lessons. Here are the 10 best YouTube drum lessons you can find online.

TakeLessons’ Drum Rudiments Tutorial

Of course, we might be a little biased but in this video one of our top drum teachers put together an incredibly helpful lesson that demonstrates the drum rudiments in a very clear and basic way.

Watch it during your next practice session and slow it down if necessary to really work on your skills!

Bill Bachman Drum Lesson Series

This video series is from Bill Bachman, a world-renowned technique expert, drum clinician, and author.

The videos break down essential techniques to help you develop drumming skills, improve speed, groove, and timing. The videos feature great close-ups and visuals, and the exercises and repetition will really help you improve!

Mike Johnston’s Drum Lab

Mike Johnston’s Drum Lab is one of the largest educational web resources for drummers. Offering live and pre-recorded drum lessons, Johnston breaks down essential concepts and techniques to boost your drumming skills.

Johnston also has has a website which features iPod- and iPad-compatible lesson downloads for a nominal fee.

BoomBoomTV With Jen Lowe

Talented songwriter and instrumentalist Jen Lowe shares her years of drum corps and teaching experience on her YouTube channel. Lowe offers various playing tips for timbales, congas, djembe, hand percussion, and drum kits.

Alan Tackmann’s GoAndPractice

This YouTube channel is a great resource for beginning drummers. In his videos, Tackmann demonstrates hand-and-foot combinations and various techniques to help you take your drumming to the next level.

Alex Ribchester’s Fun Free Drum Lessons

From drumming vocabulary to rudiments and grooves, Alex Ribchester’s fun and casual lessons will help you learn and practice essential drum skills.

There are over 190 lessons available, plus downloadable PDFs to help you practice between drum lessons.

Jeff Randall

Great for drummers of all ages, Jeff Randall’s lessons come with transcriptions, and will help you learn to breakdown and create your own drum grooves.

Stephen Taylor

Featured in the October 2013 issue of DRUM!, this YouTube channel covers beginning and intermediate lessons, and all things drum related.

The Drum Coaches

If you love gospel chops, this is the YouTube drum lessons channel for you!

Funny and entertaining, these lessons are transcribed and packed with various hand-foot combination licks.

The 80/20 Drummer

Already past the basics? The 80/20 Drummer is dedicated to teaching good drummers to be great.

Bookmark this site for tons of in-depth lessons which will teach you more about drumming and music theory.

YouTube drum lessons are fantastic learning tools, but there’s no substitute for one-on-one, in-person instruction from an experienced drum teacher.

Want to take your skills to the next level? Find a drum instructor near you!

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    Hey, thanks for the shoutout! I just randomly stumbled onto this post and was surprised to see my video there. 🙂


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