How Much Are Violin Lessons for Kids?

Violin Prices For KidsThink you could be the parent of a budding Vivaldi? Learning to play the violin is an intricate activity, requiring the appropriate guidance. You may be concerned about the pricing of a violin instruction for your child due to the complexity of the art. Though you may want to start your child on lessons right away, you may have concerns about pricing. Worry not, violin lesson prices are not as problematic for your pocketbook as you may think.

What should you expect for violin lesson prices?

  • Private lesson costs
    Private violin lesson prices start around $15-35 per half hour, rising to $40-100 per half hour for teachers with special qualifications.
  • Group lesson costs
    Group violin lesson prices typically cost around $40-100 per month. They are a good addition to private lessons, but are not sufficient alone for learning to play the violin.

Why private lessons?

Private lessons maximize musical potential. How?

  • They’re frustration-free.
    Offering the perfect pace for each student, no one laments their learning curve or lags behind. These issues are often especially discouraging for beginning students in a group setting.
  • They build confidence.
    Private lessons set children up for success by meeting them where they are at, helping them build a solid foundation.
  • They teach children HOW to practice.
    More time is spent by the student alone in practice than with the private instructor. This instills proper practice skills to help the student get the most out of practice time – the most control, the most results, and the most confidence.
  • They keep students motivated.
    Private lessons typically hold students’ interest better, particularly those experiencing difficulty “taking it to the next level.” Private teachers give students someone to be accountable to, guidance when they’re not sure what should come next in their studies, and motivation when they’re stuck in a slump.

What factors affect private violin lesson prices?

  • Formal training
    Instructors with advanced degrees or specialties may charge a higher price for violin lessons. The violin can be a challenging instrument to master, and it is essential to find your child a professional who has the experience and expertise to get them started out on the right foot.
  • Experience teaching children
    Finding a teacher who is both experienced with and excels at teaching children is also critical to your child’s success. Teaching a child violin requires specialized methods which sometimes differ from those utilized with adults. In addition, a high level of patience is necessary, particularly for teaching young kids.
  • Student’s level of proficiency
    Teachers who only teach beginner students sometimes charge less than those instructing more experienced musicians. As skills develop, however, plan on finding a teacher with additional expertise.
  • Style
    The violin is adaptable to a number of styles of music, from bluegrass to jazz to classical. If your child is eager to learn a specific skill or genre, you might pay higher violin lesson prices for the specialized experience.
  • Where the lesson will take place
    The location of your lesson — your teacher’s studio, your home, or lessons via an online video chat service — may affect lesson prices. If you’re on a budget, traveling to a teacher is typically more affordable, as some charge for travel time and mileage.
  • Lesson duration
    The length of a lesson also dictates price point. Your budding little violinist will likely have a shorter attention span than an older child, so lessons typically start out short – about 30 to 45 minutes at most – and progress in length with your child’s skills.
  • Location
    In areas that have a higher cost of living, violin lesson prices will be more expensive than those in smaller, rural locations. Don’t fret if you’re in a high-dollar area, however. You do have options, including live online lessons via video chat. And the bonus? Mom’s taxi can take a much-needed break!

What’s included in violin lesson prices?
Violin teachers giving private lessons will dedicate 30-45 minutes, once per week, solely to your child. They will monitor your child’s progress in real-time, explain necessary theories for each piece, provide immediate feedback on your child’s performance, offer encouragement, assign practice pieces before subsequent lessons, and more.

What’s not included?
You should expect to purchase books and materials needed for lessons on your own or directly from the teacher. Plan to spend about $25-75 per year on sheet music and books. Should your child wish to participate in recitals or competitions, necessary fees, which vary based on event, are also at an additional cost.

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