20 thoughts on “Best Violin for Beginners (2021): Top 15 Violin Brands

  1. Hi. I am a strings teacher and have been teaching over 20 years. I have never heard of Stentor. I would recommend Knilling out of the brands listed in this article. You can also look at instruments from Shar Music or Southwest Strings, which both specialized in string instruments and have been around for years. I hope this helps.

    Susanna Sonnenberg

      1. I’m not sure how anyone could be a teacher for 20 years and never heard of stentnor. My first music teacher played a stentnor and that was 40 years ago.
        Knilling is a heavier student violin, Projection is okay but not great and that may be why a teacher would recommend it. It is harder to play on due to the weight.
        Mendini is a Cecilio brand. It is the lower end Cecilio violin. Not sure why it would make the list. Whether you buy from shar music, kk, or any other well known dealer, the instrument ships from the California warehouse with the factory set up. The set up is not exactly great.
        When you talk about Cremona violins, you are referencing GCV or Guangzhou Cremona Violins, Replica’s of the violins from Cremona Italy. Of everyone you have listed, The GCV is the only real choice. Despite what anyone else on this thread has said, GCV is an award winning company. Some of the best violins I have played when bought through the Fiddlershop.com store. Owned by Pierre Holstein, a professional orchestral musician for over 40 years and his shop of master luthiers, turns out some of the best violins I have ever seen
        If a person was interested in a high quality instrument at an extremely affordable price, they go to the Fiddlershop. The violins can be seen on youtube under the fiddlershop or under Pierre’s channel, Fiddlerman, where he teaches and demonstrates the violins he sells. Quality student models as low as 160$ and are approved for Suzuki and NAfME students.
        Also I am surprised that Scott Cao didn’t make this list considering he has one of the best violins on the market including Scott Cao 017 Violin Outfit which sells for just over 530$$.

  2. Hi Sheraz. I’m a Takelessons violin teacher in San Diego and my husband is a violin luthier; we have a violin shop here as well as my violin studio.
    I would NOT recommend any of these violins with the exception of the Knilling violin for your daughter. These violins posted here are no more than inexpensive, low grade student violins that will not have the best tone qualities because they are made with poor quality woods and poor quality workmanship in large factories in China or Romania. The price might be great…but remember you get what you pay for. When any of these violins are bought, for the most part, they have not passed through
    a professional luthier hands to be setup to professional standards. Most of these violins will come with setups that are horrible…pegs not fitted, nut and bridge too hi, fingerboards not smooth or shaped correctly and poor quality strings and tailpieces. The bows that come with these outfits are very poor quality and usually too heavy and crooked. They are a mess and will cost you $$$$ to be fixed up to standard at a good violin shop. Most students will not progress on these cheap instruments and most will quit because the instrument does not sound good and it has a poor setup. We certainly do
    not want our kids to fail. I would suggest you going to a good violin shop and trying out violins to rent with an option to buy. These instruments will come with a good, student bow and a proper setup and usually good set of strings. Sharmusic.com and southwest.com are another option for you for rentals with an option to buy. If your in the SoCal area…we have a shop and you can come and try out violins that are setup and in the $500 to up range. This will be a better option to rent or buy from a reputable shop…80% of rental fees goes into an upgrade at most shops. You can find my teacher page under 92003.
    I hope this helps.

  3. Hi I am 52 and just started playing about 6 months ago I love it. I stared out with a cheap violin one and cheap 35 dollars and then quickly discovered it wasn’t my playing that was bad it was my violin. I then moved up to a Rothenburg love it. But I feel I want to get a better quality I’m self thought at the moment going to start to look for a teacher. But I would like to know what’s a better quality but good in price as well as I can’t quit afford a Stradivarius. Thank you Lisa Holland

    1. I am 60.I have no knowledge about.Very recently I hv purchased Palatino VN 300 Genoa violin from USA ( on line shoping).Woud you somebody tell me the quality of the violin?

    2. How much can you spend? Go to a shop. Buy one That has been played for a couple of years to mellow it out. Plan on spending 800 to 2000

  4. Here is my situation. I played very briefly about 40 years ago. I’m looking for something to play around with, just for myself. Will probably learn by video and NOT take classes. As Tevye would say I’d be “trying to scratch out a pleasant, simple tune”. Is there really anything wrong with a sub $100 violin in this case? I mean they do play and sound like a violin. So what if the tonal quality if not as good as one of the ones mentioned.

    1. I would not waste money on a sub $100 violin. They are truly terrible. Instead look for a used student violin for around $300. It will be a much better setup,easier to play and better sounding. I got so frustrated with my first one I just wanted to quit. I m so glad I upgraded. PS im 51 and just picking this up after decades.

  5. I notice that Suziki is NOT mentioned as as good starter instrument but their teaching method is….yet some are in the &1000 bracket????

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