10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Ukulele

Ukulele Gigs: 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Ukulele

10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Ukulele

Even though you probably didn’t get into playing ukulele for the money, there are still many ways you can use your uke skills to make some extra cash. Ukulele teacher Willy M. shares 10 great ideas…

So you’ve been playing for a while now, you’re pretty impressed with your progress, and you think you’re ready to start booking some ukulele gigs. Well, here are 10 ways to make money playing the ukulele!

1 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Playing for weddings

It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, people are always going to want to get married. Playing for weddings is a great way to make some extra cash!

Playing for weddings takes a little bit of prep work. First, you’re going to want to get a set list of tunes you can play. You will need to be able to play the Bridal March (of course), Pachelbel’s Canon in D, and some of the more popular wedding songs out there in a couple of different styles. You might need to prove to a couple who only loves show tunes (or country music, or top 40, or contemporary Christian) that you can play multiple genres and whatever they like. But once you’ve mastered this task, you’re gold!

I’ve found that songs from popular romance movies are always good ones to pitch to the love birds. Final word of advice, you’ll also want to invest in at least one, really nice outfit. A formal dress or tux – whatever suits your fancy!

How do you get wedding gigs? Try searching on Craigslist, working with a wedding planner, or getting to know the local pastors. These are all great ways to find gigs. 

2 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Playing for parties and cookouts

Another way to make money is to play for private parties and cookouts. Some people are always willing to pay a little money and provide some free food for a talented musician. Post your ad on Craigslist and see who responds!

Like playing for weddings, you will want to have a few popular, upbeat and party sing-a-long songs in your repertoire. Get those down, set out a tip jar, and you’re ready to jam! Never forget to put out a tip jar when you play. 

One final word of advice about tips, always prime your jar with a few dollars of your own. I have found that a handful of change, a couple ones, and a couple fives is a great way to start off a gig.

When people look at it, they immediately think, “Oh, five is a good tip, and some people have put in ones, or change. I don’t want to be a cheapskate, so I’ll put in a five!” I have gotten better tips that way in the past, so I thought I’d pass it on.

3 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Playing for restaurants

Playing for restaurants can be a tricky business. Sometimes restaurants are known for their live music, and other times it’s just an added bonus. You have to be careful to gauge which type of restaurant you’re playing in, so you don’t play too loud, or play the wrong kind of music for their vibe.

Many times while playing in restaurants or bars, some people will offer you free drinks. I learned this following tip early on from a guy who used to play with Glenn Miller and Count Basie: never drink alcohol on a gig!

Imagine for a moment that your plumber arrives to your house and starts drinking up all your alcohol. How would you feel about that? Probably like you didn’t invite a professional over.

Well, even though someone may offer, most restaurant and bar owners think the same thing. If you politely decline the offer of alcohol and instead ask for whatever your favorite non-alcoholic drink is, the venue will respect you more, and see you as a professional they’d like to hire back.

I have found that some establishment owners use the “you drank up all your wages” as a common way to rip musicians off. If you make it clear to everyone in the chain (owner, barkeep, wait staff, etc.) that you do not drink on the job, then there will be no excuse to send you away empty handed at the end of the night.

But other than that caveat, play away! Keep a sheet of songs that you like to play as a request sheet handy. You might even put a suggested tip for certain songs to keep things spicy!

410 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Playing for churches and places of worship

Believe it or not, many churches and synagogues hire professional musicians for many different types of events, including weekly worship services. Always be polite, make sure you know what type of music they expect, and brush up on your new set list.

Another cool place to play religious music for money is at nursing homes. Some retirement homes hire people to come in and play for the senior citizens. If you can also learn a few of the songs that were popular in their generation, they will thank you for it.

You don’t want to use a tip jar at a church or nursing home, however, it would be very tacky! Instead, just enjoy your new friends and the happiness you’re creating.

5 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Playing for country clubs

Country clubs are a great place to play. They are often in a nice, indoor environment and they often have a lot of people who tip well. If you can get in on some of their special occasions — all the better.

The key to a great country club set is to figure out the average age of the group and then learn a bunch of songs from their generation. The tips will make it worth your while!

6 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Playing for colleges

Colleges are awesome places to get a gig. Often, they budget a certain amount for entertainment, and they don’t care if you’re a solo act or a band. If they budget $300 for entertainment, and you are the entertainment, then you get the $300. I have never had a college stiff me on a gig, and they are always really polite.

If you are playing for a college dinner in a lounge type setting feel free to put out your request list and a nice looking tip jar.

With colleges, classical music and popular tunes from a wide assortment of eras are good to pepper your set list.

7 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Playing for kids’ birthday parties

If you like working with kids and can learn a bunch of fun songs, think of a fun theme, get yourself a cool outfit, and build up a persona especially for kids birthday parties. You might be a clown, pirate, ninja, magician, or something entirely new.

If you happen to supplement your ukulele playing with twisty balloons or magic tricks… you’re going to do even better.

Some birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, and special event parties pay really well, and you can make some serious money playing these. And they’re a load of fun!

8 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Playing for tips on the street

Playing for tips on the street seems to be a lot more respectable than it used to. Some places even encourage you to come and “busk.” The best part is, last time I checked, the IRS still considers the money you earn while busking to be non-taxed. You might want to double check that, and you’ll also want to check to see if you need a license or a tag to busk in your area, but it can be a really fun way of making some extra cash.

I heard of one busker in California who made over $400 a day busking. The last time I busked anywhere, I made $3. So… I guess it can really vary depending on the day!

9 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Teaching ukulele

Another way to earn some money is to become a ukulele teacher. There really is the potential to earn some money if you are a good ukulele teacher, or if you have been playing long enough and think you have something to offer new players. Teaching is a good way to supplement your music income!

10 10 Ways to Make Money Playing Your Uke

Fixing up and selling other ukuleles

Finally, if you are kind of handy and like working with tools, fixing up ukuleles can be a good way to make a few extra bucks as well.


So there they are, 10 different kinds of ukulele gigs that can help you earn a bit of money. I hope they help you out!


Can you think of anything we missed? If you know of other great ways to earn money with your ukulele, share them with us in the comments below!


Willy MPost Author: Willy M. Willy M. teaches guitar, ukulele, and mandolin lessons in Winston, NC. He is the author of the Dead Man’s Tuning series of mandolin songbooks, and is a former member of the American Federation of Musicians. Willy has been teaching for 20 years, and his students have ranged in age from young children to folks in their 80’s. Learn more about Willy here!


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