3 thoughts on “What is Vocal Fry? (Vocal Fry Example & Other Info)

  1. This is not the truth about anything… In the Ira Glass quote, the poster cut out the part where he says its NORMAL.

  2. Criticizing vocal fry isn’t sexist. Vocal fry itself, when used as a chronic style of speech, is a symptom of sexism. It undermines your message by making the most important part of your sentences…the end, when the point is usually made… difficult to hear, and gives your voice a childish sound. Yes, there are men who do it, and for me it is equally repulsive to hear from men as it is from women, but it is far more widespread in young women. I remember when I used it. I did it on purpose to fit in, not because I was running out of air, as a way of not seeming too intellectual or assertive, to seem more like a girl other people would “like.”

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