You Have To See This Amazing Teenage DJ

If you’ve ever thought DJ’s aren’t real musicians, prepare to get schooled by a high school student. 17 year old Cole Plante may be young, but his DJ skills have already gotten him work with famous EDM artists, including Skrillex and Avicii. In this TED-Ed talk, Cole shows an audience of his peers how a DJ set is done.

Watching Cole mix tracks, you can see the same focus, confidence, and intent you would see in any other musician with their instrument. You can also see that DJing requires a lot of knowledge about how songs are structured and how arrangements fit together. In addition to DJing, Cole plays in his school’s marching band, which likely feeds into his understanding of music theory.

In the video, Cole suggests that aspiring DJ’s ask a friend for help and guidance getting started. While friends can be a great resource, what if you don’t know anyone who DJ’s or are looking for more in-depth knowledge?

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