Techology and online Music lessons

How Has Technology Changed Music Lessons? [Infographic]

Over the past several years, online music lessons have substantially grown in popularity. And it’s no wonder — it’s an option that is convenient and often priced lower than in-person lessons. Plus, you can choose an instructor from practically anywhere!

Advances in technology have made the success of online music lessons possible, but that’s not the only way that technology has changed the way we learn music. New innovations provide fun and creative ways to enhance the learning experience for today’s student. You can find the best online piano lessons, for instance, and then supplement those with apps, games, and YouTube tutorials.

Here are some fascinating facts about how we learn, teach, and promote music online.

Technology and Music Lessons Infographic - Online music lessons

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Teaching Music Online – Additional Resources

Interested in teaching online? These days, you’ve got several options for video platforms to use, allowing you to instantly connect with your student, send files, and record lessons. Learn more about teaching online with TakeLessons here.

Learning Music Online – Additional Resources

Whether you’re looking for the best online piano lessons via Skype, pre-recorded YouTube drum tutorials, or chord charts for guitar and bass, there are so many resources available for students!

Learn Guitar 

Learn Piano

Learn Violin

Learn Drums

Whether or not you take (or teach) lessons online, there are many ways you can use current technology to enhance and supplement the learning experience. If you’re a teacher and need a place to start, online forums are great for sharing ideas with other instructors. The possibilities are endless! And once you start looking, it’s amazing what you can find out there!

Special thanks to online piano teacher Crystal B. for her help with this article! 

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What’s it Like to Take Online Music Lessons?

online music lessonsWhen 28-year-old Christopher C. of Garner, NC, decided he was going to propose to his girlfriend by song, he needed to make sure he could secretly take piano lessons without spoiling the surprise.  Online piano lessons with Heidi S. of Fort Worth, TX, was going to be Christopher’s solution for an inconspicuous means of taking lessons.

Every Thursday, when Christopher’s girlfriend leaves for work, he pulls out his keyboard piano, logs onto Skype and meets for his lesson with Heidi to work on his proposal song, “Never Stop” by SafetySuit.

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Time-Saving Hacks for Busy Music Students

hacks for musiciansThese days, “busy” seems like the norm. Kids’ schedules are packed with extracurriculars, and some families are barely making time for dinner. College students are running from classes to internships, and most adults are just trying to find that elusive work-life balance.

What ever happened to taking a break, grabbing your guitar, and noodling away for an afternoon?

While you can’t shirk your responsibilities, there are ways to manage your schedule and, consequently, end up with more time to spend on your music. Here are a few time-saving hacks for aspiring musicians:

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