3 Can’t-Miss New York Music Festivals

Most Popular Music Festivals In New York New York is one of the most exciting and lively states in the country. It is near the top of most people’s lists of places they would like to visit, and with good reason; New York is full of history, culture, great food, and much more. New York City is known as the city where dreams come true, as careers of all types get their start in the beautiful city.

If you’re a music fan, New York is also a fantastic place to check out numerous music festivals. From one-day festivals to weekend extravaganzas, New York has something to offer every kind of music fan. Here are three New York music festivals that you won’t want to miss:

Rock n Roll Resort

Taking place about 90 miles from New York City at the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa, this isn’t just a music festival – for one price, attendees receive admission, a room to stay in for the duration of the festival, and access to all the amenities and activities available at the resort. The Hudson Valley Resort & Spa is located in the Shawangunk Mountains near Minnewaska State Park, which offers an amazing view as well as fun activities like an arcade centers, a heated indoor pool, golf, and much more.

So what about the music? As the name would suggest, the acts who play this New York music festival are typically rock and roll bands, but funk and jam bands are also prominent, as well as DJs. Past artists who have played include Hallucinogen, The Manhattan Project, and Viral Sound. The festival takes place in the beginning of April each year, and tickets usually range from $300 to $400 (keep in mind that this includes your room and resort access). Music, a vacation, and a gorgeous view; what more could you ask for out of a music festival?

Mountain Jam

This monstrous New York music festival takes place in Hunter Mountain, New York in the Catskill Mountains. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Mountain Jam is one of the best music festivals in the country. Numerous well-known bands and artists have hit the stages, including The Allman Brothers Band and The Avett Brothers.

While the kind of acts who play the New York music festival offer reason enough to attend, the site of the festival is also worthy of mentioning. Similar to the Rock n Roll Resort, Mountain Jam is held at a world-class ski resort. Festival-goers have access to bars and restaurants, and can use the Sky Ride to enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains while listening to their favorite bands. Plus, the resort features the highest and longest zipline in all of North America! With so many opportunities for fun and entertainment, who wouldn’t want to attend such a well-rounded festival?

The Governors Ball

Taking place in the Big Apple itself, the Governors Ball is perhaps the most popular and lively of the many New York music festivals. Rather than focusing on a particular genre, the event hosts artists of nearly every genre, from alternative music like Modest Mouse and Phoenix, to rappers like Mac Miller and Kid Cudi, to classic rock like Guns N’ Roses and The Avett Brothers.

This huge festival takes place in the beginning of June in Randall’s Island, NYC. Tickets are slightly over $200 for general admission and around $500 for VIP. There is food available by tons of different vendors, so you will have a chance to try some of New York City’s best food. As far as transportation to the festival, shuttles, ferries, buses, and subways are all options available to you. If you want to visit this historic city and happen to be a fan of music, kill two birds with one stone and enjoy both at the Governors Ball music festival!

While there are music festivals that take place all around the country, it’s undeniable that the more populated areas have the most exciting and lively events, due to the sheer number of people in attendance. With New York being one of the most populated states, the music festivals that happen there are definitely worth checking out. Check out the various festival websites, and make a decision on which one of these New York music festivals is right for you. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that you will not regret attending!


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Listen Up: Your New York Concert Survival Guide

Informative Tips About New York Concert VenuesThere is nothing quite like the experience of a New York concert. But just remember: there are some extra rules and regulations that need to be followed when heading into the city to catch a concert. Don’t worry, though – we’ve collected a few tips that you can add to your New York concert survival guide, to ensure you get in without any hassles and can really enjoy yourself when you are there!

Travel Light to Save Time

New York security is not a joke, especially at concerts within the city limits. It is a good idea to leave at home anything that could be considered questionable or dangerous. Weapons of any kind, even a Swiss Army Knife, can be confiscated and hold you up in the line to get into a New York concert. Some venues also prohibit the use of professional cameras and video recorders. Additionally, some New York music venues reserve the right to confiscate any such items. Don’t carry a large bag, or a ton of items – you’ll likely get hung up at the security station before heading in. Not only can this be embarrassing, but it holds up the entire line, too.

New York concert venues can also get rather crowded, and, depending on the show, rowdy. When you are at a rock show, for example, dancing and mosh pits are common. Because of this, it’s smart to travel light, and leave anything of value at home. If you’ve traveled by car, leave as much as you can in the car when you park. We suggest only carrying the absolutely necessities with you, and keep them in a zippered pocket or a bag that you can easily carry with you. Consider taking your cell phone, cash, identification, and car keys with you into the venue, but little else. Experts also advise concert-goers to leave valuable jewelry, sunglasses, and anything with sentimental value at home or in the car. It is easy for jewelry to get snagged, or sunglasses to fall off while dancing. Typically, venues aren’t responsible for lost or stolen items, so carry them at your own risk.

Dress Appropriately

Your style of dress should be comfortable and should also match the show! For example, if you are heading to a all-day summer festival at Randall’s Island, you’ll want to wear layers. You might be hot during the day, but the evening can get a bit chilly. When the sun goes down, you’ll be happy you brought along something with longer sleeves. Also, don’t forget sunscreen!

Proper footwear is also a necessity. Flip flops, while comfortable and easy to slip on, are not a good idea for concert-goers. New York concerts and festivals get pretty crowded, and feet can easily get trampled. Instead, wear close-toed shoes, preferably sneakers. You’ll be walking around more than you might think, and your feet will thank you for encasing them in comfortable sneakers or running shoes. Nothing ruins a concert experience like having to stop at the medic tent to get your trampled toes taped up.  Even during the colder months, appropriate footwear cannot be stressed enough. Avoid anything with a heel. You’re better off wearing sneakers or flats, unless of course you’re attending something like the Opera or Philharmonic. Save your fancy shoes for a fancy event.

Check the Venue Rules

New York concert venues all differ on their rules of what is allowed inside. For example, The Cake Shop does not allow outside food or beverages inside. You’ll need to buy your food and drink from the venue, and attempting to carry anything in will get you stopped at the door. Some venues allow concert-goers to bring a single bottle of sealed water, while others don’t allow any outside food or drink. If the water bottle isn’t sealed, it will be confiscated. Security at the venues know all of the “clear liquid” tricks. The best way to prepare for this is to check with the venue you’ll be attending before you head out.

Remember, trying to break the rules can cause you to get held up in the line, and your items may be confiscated. In some cases, you’ll have the option of bringing your items back to your car, but if you haven’t traveled by car, you’ll be out of luck. To avoid this kind of headache, just leave items you are unsure about at home, especially expensive items like a DSLR camera. Consider just enjoying the concert instead of documenting it.

You’ll also want to figure out your best transportation options. Most venues list transportation and parking options on their website. Check a few weeks in advance and come up with a travel plan. If you are driving, you’ll want to arrive early to make sure you get a spot in one of the parking lots. If you are traveling by train, map out your route in advance, so you know where you’re headed. Remember, public lots often have special event pricing that is higher than their regular, weekday parking prices. Parking can get expensive!

Perform a Check before You Leave Home

Before you head out the door for a New York concert, check to make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Make sure you have your tickets, proper attire, a bottle of water, and anything else you’ll need. You don’t want to get caught at the door without your ticket, or realize halfway to the venue that your cell phone is sitting at your house. Remember, it’s always better to travel light at a concert, and leave valuables at home. With that being said, it should only take a couple of minutes to check to make sure you have everything you need. Doing so can save you frustration when you get to the concert venue!

Heading out into the New York concert scene can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to be prepared. Next time you head out to a show, consider this survival guide as you prepare for and enjoy the show. The more prepared you are, the more fun you’ll have!


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