Korean BBQ dishes

10 Mouth-Watering Korean BBQ Dishes You Have to Try

Korean BBQ dishes

One of the best things about studying the Korean language is learning about different aspects of the culture. What better way to learn some Korean vocabulary than sampling some delicious Korean delicacies?

Korean BBQ restaurants have table-top grills so guests can cook their own food at their tables. The food is delicious, and the table-top grills make for a fun group dining experience.

Here are 10 Korean BBQ dishes you have to try.

1. Grilled Pork Belly

Grilled Pork Bellyphoto from Maangchi

At most Korean restaurants, grilled pork belly is made with garlic and green onions. You can cook it at your table, and enjoy salad and vegetables on the side.

You can try grilled pork belly at just about any Korean BBQ restaurant, or make your own with this recipe.

2. Ddeokbokki

ddeokbokkiphoto from Seoul Taste

Don’t let the name intimidate you, ddeokbokki are essentially spicy Korean rice cakes. There are many different ways to make them, but they usually contain fish cake, cabbage, and hard-boiled eggs.

Want to try to make this dish yourself? Get the recipe here.

3. Bibimbap

bimbimbapphoto from whats4eats

Bibimbap is a bowl of steamed rice with an assortment of toppings. You can add meats, vegetables, or a fried egg, and then top the bowl with a spicy soybean paste called gochujang.

Find a Korean BBQ restaurant near you, or make your own bibimbap.

4. Kimchi

kimchiphoto from Maangchi

 Kimchi is a staple and a popular Korean BBQ side dish. Kimchi is made either from seasoned vegetables or cabbage, and it can be made spicy or mild.

If you make your own kimchi, you can customize the ingredients and the spice level.

5. Galbi

galbiphoto from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House

 These beef short ribs are marinated in garlic soy sauce. They’re grilled to order at Korean restaurants like Sura KBBQ, and served on a skillet with a bed of onions.

6. Korean Seafood Pancake

seafood pancakephoto from the kitchn

Korean seafood pancakes, or haemul pajeon, contain your choice of seafood with scallions wrapped in a batter-based shell. Pair it with the dipping sauce of your choice and some soup, salad, or kimchi.

You can try different types of haemul pajeon at various Korean restaurants, or invite your Korean language study group over for dinner and make your own!

7. Bulgogi

bulgolgiphoto from A Spicy Perspective

 Bulgogi is thinly-sliced marinated beef. The marinade usually contains garlic, ginger, siracha, soy sauce, sesame oil, and brown sugar. You can grill bulgogi at your table at Korean BBQ restaurants.

Learn more about how to make bulgogi here.

8. Soon Doo Boo

soon doo boophoto from Sura Korean BBQ

Soon Doo Boo, or soft tofu soup, is a popular Korean dish. You can customize the spice level and order a vegan-friendly or beef broth. Add toppings like pork belly, beef, kimchi, jalapeno chicken, or mushrooms.

Soon Doo Boo is a very popular dish at restaurants like Sura Korean BBQ.

9. Yangnyeom Tongdak

spicy chickenphoto from To Food With Love

 Yangnyeom tongdak is Korean fried chicken. The chicken is deep fried and then covered in a sweet-and-spicy sauce. The added gochujang gives the chicken a spicy kick, so you may want to try a different entree if you’re not a fan of spicy foods.

Find a Korean BBQ restaurant near you, or learn how to make your own yangnyeom tongdak.

10. Jap Chae

japcahephoto from Steamy Kitchen

 Try these sweet potato noodles that are mixed with vegetables like spinach, carrots, and onions. The noodles turn clear when they are cooked, which is why this dish is sometimes called “Korean glass noodles.” Some Korean restaurants also add beef to their jap chae.

Want to try jap chae? Get the recipe here.

Now that you know some of the most popular dishes, find a Korean BBQ restaurant near you. Bring a group for a fun dining experience, and enjoy some delicious food while you practice your Korean language skills.

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