Gear Guide for Drummers: All About Drum Thrones

All About Drum Thrones

Now that we’ve looked at drum sticks and drum sets, let’s shift our focus to drum thrones. Whether you’ve been playing for a while, or you just started drum lessons, a high-quality drum throne is important to maximize your comfort. Here, Edmond, OK drum instructor Tracy D. weighs in on the most popular drum throne brands…

As a drummer, you will sit at your instrument for hours at a time. If you have a drum set that came with a drum throne, chances are you will want to upgrade to something a bit more comfortable. In this gear guide for drummers, we’ll explore the top brands on the market and break down their models and features.


drum thrones

Roc-n-Soc has carved out a nice niche in the drum throne department, as they have been making cool seats since the ’80s.


• The cloth seat covers come in a variety of colors and help to reduce your sweat. You can also purchase vinyl seat covers for a few extra dollars.
• The seats come in different shapes (original, hugger, square, and round) and they’ll retrofit to most of today’s stands.
• Gas shocks (in all but the manual spindle base) add comfort and allow extra bounce.
• Matching backrests (for an additional cost) add comfort and stability.
• Roc-n-Soc offers additional accessories and replacement parts.


The Motion Throne ($195.75) has a spring box in the base that allows for forward movement.
The Nitro ($166.75) has a folding tripod base for easy portability.
The Lunar ($159.50) has a five-leg base for extra stability.

Pork Pie Percussion

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Pork Pie drum thrones are known for comfort and they have some pretty snazzy designs.


• Choose from cloth or vinyl tops in a variety of colors.
• Backrests are available for an additional cost.
• All thrones have a sturdy, double-braced tripod base.


The “Deuce” ($349.99) has a thick, round, vinyl seat. The design is a nod to hot rods and there are 21 options so you can mix and match.
The “Big Boy” ($189.99) has a bike-style seat and can support heavier drummers.
The “Round” ($159.99) has an exceptionally thick seat for comfort.


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Gibraltar is known for great hardware, and their drum thrones are no exception.


• More throne options than any other drum company.
• Hydraulic and manual models.
• Moto-style, oversized, and round seats available.
• Attractive designs.
• Some models have “super” feet for extra stability.
• They offer accessories and backrests (as well as some that are made specifically for them by Roc-n-Soc).

Split-Style Drum Thrones

drum thrones

Split-style (ergokinetic) drum thrones allow maximum freedom of movement, which can alleviate fatigue and tailbone and pelvic discomfort.


Carmichael ($269)
Motion-Pro ($299.99)
Ahead (shown – $179.95)


With all the options at your fingertips, you can find a throne that’s both comfortable and suits your aesthetic sense. Feel free to customize and accessorize. Your bum (and back) will thank you.

Note: I have used a Gibraltar Moto throne and I own a Roc-n-Soc Nitro (with backrest) and I can personally vouch for their comfort and quality.

Remember, although reviews are helpful, the best way to pick a drum throne is to try out different models and see what works for you. For more insights and gear reviews, check out our ultimate gear guide for drummers.


TracyDPost Author: Tracy D.
Tracy D. teaches percussion and drum lessons in Edmond, OK, as well as online. She has been playing the drums with various bands for more than 13 years. Tracy earned her Bachelor’s in Music Education from Oklahoma Christian University and has played with the OKC Community Orchestra since 2009.  Learn more about Tracy here!

Photo by Chris Borden

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