Singapore- Study Abroad 2015

6 Fascinating Study Abroad Cities Worth Every Penny

Studying abroad can be one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences of your life.

Students who possess a traveler’s spirit often deliberate for months on where exactly they should go, and can become overwhelmed by the variety of options. If you’re wondering about the best places to study abroad, here are six top destinations for students to help you make your decision.

Top 6 Best Places to Study Abroad

1. Montreal, Canada

Montreal- Study Abroad 2015

Photo by Michael Vesia

Montreal is Canada’s “cultural capital” and home to the city’s leading institution, McGill University – currently ranked 21st in the world. You’ll have a host of new experiences if you find yourself in the second-largest French-speaking city in the world – second only to Paris itself. It’s large, and its international student community enjoys a packed annual calendar of festivals and other foodie and music events. Beyond French and English, you’ll come across languages ranging from Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese to Arabic, Chinese, Greek, and Russian.

2. Paris, France

Paris- Study Abroad 2015

Photo by Lima Pix

Oui? Paris is ranked the 16th most livable city, according to a 2014 report from the Economist Intelligence Unit. Beyond the city’s world-renowned reputation for its history and cultural vitality, Paris’s low tuition fees make the city affordable for students. If you’re new to learning French, then the greatest yet most rewarding challenge, of course, is conquering the language barrier. Paris is an almost 100% French-speaking country, with a small percentage of German dialects, Celtic languages, and other Gallo-Romance languages spoken throughout the city.

3. Munich, Germany

Munich- Study Abroad 2015

Photo by Rami

With a population of approximately 1.5 million, Germany’s third-largest city weighs in on our top five list for a couple different reasons. First and foremost, Germany’s lack of tuition fees makes studying abroad in the city the most affordable option you can choose. Beyond that, Munich is ranked 8th in the 2014 Quality of Life Survey by lifestyle magazine Monocle. One of the many cultural experiences you’ll encounter in Munich is the famous Oktoberfest beer festival.

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4. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul- Study Abroad 2015

Photo by slack12

Seoul is the most densely populated city of South Korea. With mostly Korean and English spoken throughout the city, the language diversity here isn’t as pronounced as in other countries on this list. However, even if the lack of language diversity bores you, you’ll surely find enough to do in this city that never sleeps, with its unprecedented mix of tradition and modernity – from cutting-edge technology to Buddhist temples and royal palaces.

5. Singapore, Southeast Asia

Singapore- Study Abroad 2015

Photo by Mac Qin

Officially named the Republic of Singapore, this island country close to the equator is known for its tropical rainforest climate (where temperatures range from 72–95°F year round), four nationally-recognized languages (Mandarin Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil), a low crime rate, and a slow and steady rise in education. Singapore has two top universities, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, ranked 22nd and 39th in the world, respectively. Though Singapore is ranked as the world’s fourth most expensive city in Mercer’s 2014 Cost of Living survey, Lonely Planet ranked them the top travel destination for 2015.

6. Seville, Spain

Seville Spain

Spain has so much to offer for study abroad students! Spaniards are friendly and laid back, the cost of living is affordable, and there are plenty of beautiful places to visit no matter what your hobbies. The rich culture can easily be enjoyed wherever you choose to travel on your days off, including the Feria de Sevilla, Parc Guell in Barcelona, or el Prado and Paseo del Artes in Madrid.

To be sure you’re attending the best program available, check out these Seville study abroad reviews. There are also plenty of internship opportunities in Seville. As an intern, you’ll get to experience the Spanish Siesta and long lunch breaks (who doesn’t like to enjoy a 3-hour break with friends and coworkers)? Adelante Abroad has many affordable summer and semester programs, as well as internships in Barcelona and Madrid.

Not only does studying abroad look great on your resume, but it also serves as one of the greatest opportunities to help improve your language skills. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons students participate in study abroad programs – no other experience helps you develop unparalleled fluency in a foreign language. So now you have all the reasons you need to go abroad! Enjoy your trip and let us know which location you chose in the comments section below!

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Your Complete Survival Guide for Finals Week

No matter what subjects you’re studying, finals week is guaranteed to be the most hectic and stressful week of classes. However, you don’t have to let the stress get to you. Follow these smart study tips, overcome your procrastination tendencies, and start kicking butt on your final exams!

Make a Game Plan

Before you start studying for finals, make a list of the things you need to review, and prioritize your time so you’re able to study the most important things. Next, schedule time to study without interruptions. If you’ve been struggling with a subject, give yourself extra time to study for that class. Also, don’t spread your study time across subjects by breaking up an hour into 20 minutes of three different subjects. Spending more time with each subject will help you deepen your focus and get a better understanding of the topic.

Turn Off Your Phone

Our phones are basically tiny procrastination machines. Overcoming procrastination is way easier with your phone either turned off or set to do not disturb. And remember: your phone is not the only thing distracting you! Make sure you’re logged out of chat on your computer and stay off of social media. Find a place to study where you won’t be interrupted by others, like at the library or a quiet coffee shop. You can also minimize distractions by listening to instrumental music while you study.

Get Enough Sleep

It can be tempting to put off studying until the night before exams, but pulling an all-nighter will hurt you in the end. When you’re sleep deprived, your memory and concentration are impaired. If you’re sleepy while you’re studying, you’re way less likely to absorb information. Even worse, if you’re exhausted on test day your performance on your exams will suffer. Set yourself up for success by getting plenty of sleep during finals week.

Take Advantage of Help

Go to your professor’s office hours and ask any lingering questions you have about the material. If your professor or TA offer to host a review session prior to the final, be sure to attend, and use any practice tests or other materials that your professor provides to prepare you for the test. If you still need extra help, ask a classmate to help you study or look into tutoring. Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question! If something doesn’t make sense to you, others probably have the same question but might be afraid to speak up. There are so many different ways you can get help before exams, so take advantage of them.

Don’t Take on Extra Commitments

Remember that it’s okay to say no to other commitments so you’ll have the time you need to study. Sometimes in life things come up that you feel like you “have to” do.  Whether it’s your part-time job asking you to pick up an extra shift or friends asking you for help planning a party, you can kindly say no. Let them know that at another time you would be glad to help, but you need to focus on your studies this week. Most people will be very understanding when you let them know that at this point in your life, your education is the most important thing.

Go Back to the Beginning

Stuck on figuring out exactly what to study? Go back to your syllabus and course description for clues. The course description will outline the high-level ideas you should be taking away from the class, and the syllabus likely breaks down the material week by week. Oftentimes the introductory materials you got at the beginning of class can be used as an excellent study guide for the final.

Stay Positive

Don’t let the stressful finals week vibe get you down. Instead of dreading tests as a chance for you to fail, look at your finals as a time to show off how much you’ve learned. Additionally, if you do happen to struggle on a test, don’t let that negative feeling carry over to your other exams. You will perform much better on your finals if you’re happy and relaxed. Find little things to do to relax before a test, like taking a quick walk or checking in with a good friend.

Feed Your Brain

It’s easy to stress-eat a bunch of junk food, or get wrapped up in your studies and miss meals. Missing meals and poor nutrition can both negatively affect your focus and memory. Avoid overeating chips and cookies, and choose healthy foods instead. You will feel better and perform better on your tests too! To give your brain an extra push, try some of these brain-boosting super foods.

Celebrate Your Victories

Take pride in your achievements and celebrate your accomplishments! Savor that great feeling of walking out of an exam and knowing that you did well on your test. Even if you feel like a class was way outside your comfort zone and you barely made it through, be proud that you did. You’re in school to learn and grow, not because you’re already an expert in everything. When finals week is over, get yourself a treat and congratulate yourself on completing your classes. You did it!

How do you feel during finals week? What helps you study smarter and get the grades you want? What works for you for overcoming procrastination? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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3 Steps for Making the Most of College

Luis F tutoring

Building your career starts with the effort you put in during your college experience – and that means more than simply showing up to class! Read on as Watchung, NJ tutor Luis F. shares his tips for making the most of college and preparing yourself well…

One of the more satisfying aspects of academics is the desire to continue helping students with their particular objective of staying focused and on track throughout the college experience and beyond.

Classroom Experience (courses, internships, seminars)

Obtaining an undergraduate degree proves that a person can visualize broad concepts intuitively. That level of insight will open doors to any employer since it demonstrates the ability to express those qualities as well as the capacity for marketing crucial elements of intellectual aptitude to management.

Preparing for the eventuality of hurdles requires juggling multiple responsibilities. The best way to deal with those burdens is to apply Time Management and to handle it on a major and minor level.  On Sunday or Monday, make a list of all the activity scheduled for that week. This is the major view of your weekly obligations. On each particular day, prioritize each major activity and begin to break it down into reasonable tasks, or minor tasks. Do this for every major activity for that day. Set a timeframe of, say, one hour, and move on to the next activity whether done or not with the current task. Any major activity not reached by the end of the week, is either canceled or promoted to the upcoming week’s priority position on the list.

It may not seem necessary during college, but it is advisable to inquire about training courses at the university. If it is offered, sign up for Microsoft Project and any CRM (Client Relationship Management) training they may offer. These technologies will make you stand out above your peers and will make you extremely productive and efficient at work.

Workforce Experience (marketing, planning)

In terms of personal marketing, it can be useful to find the nearest ToastMasters branch to examine the intricacies of public presentations. Take any report assignments from courses and offer to read it in front of their next meeting. Alternatively, they may provide a written speech that can be read instead. They will offer feedback, comments, and guidance on proper presentation etiquette in a realistic setting. Also, check the local newspaper (or college career office) for companies that conduct public surveys via telephone interviews to private residences or private firms. These companies conduct market research for clients interested in marketing their products or services to new segments of the economy. This type of employment is flexible and geared toward coaching people on developing voice, reading skill, and customer relations ability. It may seem contrary to your career objective, but it can develop a stronger and more personable candidate, not to mention the confidence boost.

At any rate, it can be argued that the one true way to achieve a balanced work schedule and fulfilling lifestyle is to learn how to make sacrifices. Specifically, finding assignments with flexible time schedules. For instance, instead of working the typical 9-to-5 job, find a position that operates night schedules or seasonally. Then, when your personal schedule is stable enough, return to the daytime routine. The point is finding a career that is flexible and learning to be flexible yourself when life becomes challenging.

It can be beneficial to arrange an appointment with the university’s Career Services office. If that doesn’t provide the answers sought, visit a local public library and ask the librarian to present their titles on career management. If that still does not appeal to the overall goal, then try branching out to public libraries in other neighboring towns, until you find one that fulfills those personal needs and goals on a closer level.

Professional Network (maturity, organization, leadership)

Seek out role models that provide pertinent materials throughout the mentoring relationship and that also test you to reveal areas of concern as well as areas of strength in learning. The best mentors are the ones that use tasks that take into consideration areas of academic and personal obligations in order to maintain a balance and equal level of motivation. The most effective mentors strive to remain as flexible, as endearing, and as inspirational as possible.  In such cases, the individual need only to observe and apply that relationship where appropriate.

The best results have been achieved by working within personal circles and branching out from there. Start by joining clubs and organizations in local schools or the surrounding community. It may seem boring, but you will meet people who experienced the same dilemmas when they were your age. If they can’t answer your questions, they will be more than willing to introduce you to somebody who will. Another option is to meet with a professor outside of the classroom to discuss personal strengths and objectives. Be sure to keep in touch with the professors who gave you the highest grades, as they will become instrumental in the future.

It also goes without saying that those people are the very same people who will become vital in other respects. First, they will remain constant images of maintaining and projecting self-confidence. Second, the wider your circle of former academic counterparts, the greater the probability that they could become a source of opportunity, or better yet, a springboard to other sources of opportunity. Start building your resources now within the walls of the university and continue doing so throughout your career.

The information provided previously is a brief overview on making the most of college and possibly a potential career. However, all the tools in the world mean nothing without the right people to make it happen, or to act as a guide along the way.


LuisFLuis F. is a Rutgers University Alumnus.  Luis is based in Watchung, NJ, and mentors composition and research on an academic level as a prerequisite to advance level courses or career objectives. Learn more and book lessons with Luis here!



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