10 Study Habits That Actually Make a Difference

Guide To Establishing Great Study HabitsThe middle and high school years are the best time for you to form study habits that will guide you through a great academic career! Your parents and teachers might be able to encourage and push you further, but staying on top of things ultimately falls on you. If you start practicing effective study habits now, you will discover later that it was well worth the effort. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Set up a schedule. One of the most effective study habits is to make sure you do your homework at a specific time every day. Allow for a few hours when there is nothing else you need to do, so nothing is stressing you out or keeping your mind off of the work. Decide how much time you’re going to give to each class, and put aside more time for harder classes.

  2. Create a workspace. Set up your study space so that it caters to your individual learning style, whether that’s completely quiet, or perhaps with a bit a background music. Also, keep everything organized and clean, as well; if your workspace is pleasant, this will make studying a lot easier!

  3. Avoid distractions. Don’t fall into the trap of leaving the TV on while working or being constantly interrupted by Facebook notifications. Switch everything off and only use the Internet for research. These kinds of seemingly harmless disturbances can end up taking hours from your work without you even realizing it, so remain focused and stay on schedule.

  4. Use a planner. For most students, this is the best way to keep track of tasks, manage your time, and remember important dates for upcoming tests and assignments. Not the planner type? Find another method that works for you – whatever helps you keep everything organized!

  5. Take breaks. Always take breaks when doing your homework. Although you may be in a hurry and desperate to finish, the truth is that the more you cram, the less you really learn. Try splitting the work into manageable parts and take regular breaks after you finish a task. This way, you’ll stay rested, you’ll remember everything you read, and you won’t get burned out.

  6. Reward yourself. When you finish a difficult or time-consuming project, reward yourself! If you have a huge test coming up, plan to go to a movie with your friends that night. Do something that allows you to unwind and have fun so that you have the motivation to get started on something new again soon.

  7. Determine your learning style. If you’re finding it difficult to remember things, then perhaps you are not making the most of your particular learning style. Some students learn more effectively through visual aids, while others learn by hearing someone explain it to them. Some need to write the information in order to memorize it, while others feel the need to physically engage in a project and learn through experience. Determine your style, and make the most of your strengths.

  8. Take care of yourself. Just because you’re busy and have a test coming up doesn’t mean that you should forget about what comes first – which is you being well-rested, healthy, and happy. Take care of your body and mind by sleeping well, eating healthy, and exercising — the rest will follow.

  9. Take advantage of resources.Use the local library. Don’t forget – you’re not expected to know all of the answers right away! Take advantage of the resources at your fingertips, such as your local library. Incorporating outside resources – like images and documentaries – can add life to your school projects.

  10. Ask for support. If you feel that a particular topic is too difficult for you or your teacher at school is not explaining it well, don’t be afraid to ask for extra help. Private tutors are a great option for support; not only will he or she help you understand the material, but they can help you develop good study habits and stay organized. Study groups with friends in your classes can also work – as long as you stay on task!

Establishing solid study habits now will prove to be a great asset in your life. So stay concentrated and motivated; invest some time and effort now and you will be glad you did!


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