5 Contemporary Songs for the Piano, Guitar, and Voice

Practicing any song on the piano can be fun at first, but after a while playing the same songs by yourself can be a bit boring. Why not find some songs for the piano, guitar, and voice? You can perform for others in a talent show or an open mic night, or just for yourselves and have a good jam session!

With any of the songs for the piano, guitar, and voice, your music teacher can help you with some pointers, and might even be able to teach you the chords by listening to the song. Be sure to ask your instructor before setting out to practice one of these songs by yourself, because there might be certain techniques that he or she wants you to focus on within the song. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

OneRepublic – “If I Lose Myself”

While this acoustic cover of OneRepublic’s song also features a violin part, you can easily do without it and still get the same feel. This might not be one of the newest songs for piano and guitar, but it’s still out on the radio now and then and you’ll have no problem getting into the groove of it.

Decide which parts each instrument will take, as the song has a few different riffs that happen simultaneously. The guitar player should be able to pick a fairly fast rate, as the riffs can get going pretty fast!

Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball”

If your singer really likes to croon, this is the perfect song to try! With a melody that is fairly slow and methodical, you won’t have to worry about things picking up speed and getting left behind.

Both the piano player and guitar player should be prepared for powerful chords throughout the chorus, and lighter playing during the verse. You can mix it up and make this one of your own songs for the piano and guitar if you’d like though, by making a few simple changes here and there.

The YouTube video above does not feature any vocals, but that just means that the melody is picked up by the piano and guitar. In the long run, having someone sing along with the piano and guitar parts can make things easier, as they can concentrate on the harmony and rhythm of their own playing, and the singer can carry the melody!

Coldplay – “A Sky Full Of Stars”

The YouTube video for this song again has no vocal part, so the melody is covered by the piano and guitar. Both this Coldplay song and the Miley Cyrus song can be much easier songs for the piano and guitar if the vocal melody is actually sung instead of played!

The guitar part for this song is mostly chords above the 12th fret, so be sure you’ve got those polished up! The piano part has many staccato chords scattered throughout the song. The vocal part is picked up by the piano, so the right hand octaves the melody.

Adele – “Skyfall”

If you haven’t seen the latest Bond movie, the opening credits alone are definitely worth watching. Adele lends her signature sound to the James Bond saga, and definitely does it justice! If you’re looking for songs for the piano and guitar with soaring vocals, look no further than this tune.

This is another song that’s a little bit more contemplative and dramatic than just upbeat and fast-paced. While it might be easier to learn, be careful, as the slower pace of the song leaves more space between notes. And it’s easier to notice your mistakes with this pace, if you happen to make any!

The vocal part is played by the guitar in this particular cover (above), but doubling the vocals and guitar is a great way to add some depth if your guitar player also sings (otherwise any late or early notes on the guitar would sound well out of place). You could also make this song a duet for piano and either guitar or voice, if you’d like.

Maroon 5 – “Payphone”

This final song is a great closing number. It can really rock, and most people know the words, so it’s good for a crowd sing-along at the end of a set. In the video, the piano plays chords and doubles the vocal melody, and the guitar doubles the chords played on the piano.

While this isn’t one of the most complicated songs for the piano, guitar, and voice, it is a crowd favorite. If you’re playing an open mic or talent show, sometimes that’s the best way to leave things, with a familiar tune that everyone can enjoy and hum or sing to even after the show is over!

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