3 thoughts on “6 Tips on How to Get Your Child to Practice Piano

  1. My sister and I started piano lessons at the same time when we were kids. However, I quit after a few months, because I just wasn’t getting it. Now my little brother wants to learn, so I want to help him practice. Find the right teacher sounds like it will make a big impact on his success. I’ll be sure to find someone that he can have fun with.

    1. Hi Kairi-Finding the right teacher is extremely important. Let us know if you need assistance finding a teacher for your brother. We’re happy to help!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion to find the right teacher who can make piano lessons an exercise in positive learning. My oldest son has expressed interest in learning to play an interest, but he can be a little difficult to teach because he’s so hyper. I’ll have to look for a great piano teacher in our area who can make lessons fun enough to hold his interest on the piano so lessons can be a positive experience for everyone involved!

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