6 thoughts on “20 Popular German Expressions – And What They Mean [Infographic]

  1. With number 8 you guys made a mistake. The picture shows to guys lying to each other and crossing their finger behind their backs. Germans have that expression too: Die Finger hinter dem Rücken kreuzen. It means that when you lie you make that sign secretly because you know you are lying. But if you “Daumen drücken” then you hope for the best, you wish your favorite sports team would win for ex. It’s the exact same thing as keeping your fingers crossed in English. And has nothing to do with lying.

  2. In 15 is a mistake too:

    Da ist der Hund begraben.
    there’s nothing going on or a boring place

    Sorry, i am German – my english is not good.

  3. I counted 3 spelling errors, not to mention #15 is still wrongly interpreted. If you are going to “teach” someone things in a foreign language, the least you could do is spell things accurately. People count on that when they are learning! (#3- …setzen; #14- …auf…; #18 …loben)

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