How to Play the Violin Like Lindsey Stirling

How to Play the Violin Like Lindsey StirlingThe inimitable Lindsey Stirling has shaken the world’s concept of classical music. From sold-out shows around the globe to her top-ranked YouTube video for “Crystallize,” she’s come a long way since being eliminated in the quarter-finals of “America’s Got Talent” in 2010. While Lindsey has experienced a meteoric rise in the music world, her success is rooted in the same principles that have guided countless artists to virtuoso status: training with a classical instructor merged with contemporary innovation. If you hope to play the violin like Lindsey Stirling, these same attributes will help you on your way.

Training Matters

While Lindsey may be known for her edgy integration of everything from animation to big beats, it’s clear that her classical training plays a part in her professional accomplishments. Lindsey reportedly started violin lessons at the age of five, and took them for the next 12 years. Today, she credits her ability to incorporate movement into her performances to muscle memory developed during these years of practice.

The classical training Lindsey received is also the foundation for many students learning to play the violin today. Here are a few of the things you will learn in beginner violin lessons:

From playing scales to learning to sight read, the more you practice, the better you will play.  But a critical part of your early success lies in finding the right violin teacher. Regular private lessons with a violin teacher are crucial in developing the correct playing practices and ultimately reaching your full potential. Keep in mind that the best violin teachers don’t just teach; they also motivate and inspire!

Your Own Spin

Those interested in emulating Lindsey should seek out contemporary sheet music from sites like Virtual Sheet Music and Violin Sheet Music, both of which offer a variety of pieces across all genres.

But getting your hands on sheet music isn’t enough; it’s also critical that you learn all of the techniques and best practices that go along with being a world-class violinist. While practicing scales and learning music theory may seem rudimentary now, these early fundamentals lay the groundwork for future success.

A good violin teacher can help you learn to read and transcribe music as you learn the contemporary songs that have characterized Lindsey Stirling’s career. Another tip is to practice in front of family members and friends; after all, Lindsey’s magnetic performing ability just may have started right in her living room.

In the end, you can learn to play the violin and cultivate a similar path through a committed mixture of classical training from a private teacher, sheer dedication, and the desire to innovate. While there may only be one Lindsey Stirling, there are infinite possibilities for you to make your mark.


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  1. Charlotte Ley
    Charlotte Ley says:

    Sweet dunno about the private lessons pls can u tell people what some of the chords mean and look like. But thanks for some tips. Besides I might start playing violin cos people are literally getting me interested. Definitely linsy Stirling


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