12 thoughts on “Is it Unethical to Have a Piano With Ivory Keys?

  1. I say if its a antique its fine the animal is already dead and you can’t take it back you might as well get good use out of the ivory keys and keep them in good condition. Because they do feel nice to play on.

  2. Banning ivory is stupid! Even now when they catch the poachers they burn the confiscated Ivory worth millions of dollars that starving villagers could use to buy food. Banning Ivory is racist , elitist , and moronic. Elephants are over populated, they destroy crops in areas where famine is already common. Elephant leather is not banned. I can sell an elephants hide, and bones, eat his meat. But the Ivory is not marketable? If all the African elephants die….. so what! You sure can sell parts of human fetus’ that have been ripped from their mother’s wombs, since that’s a woman’s right to choose. You imbecilic nature worshiping morons have a completely warped sense of ethics! It’s a stupid animal.Don’t legislate your animal worshiping morality on the rest of us!

    1. ‘Poaching’ ivory should be banned, as it is.
      However, animals that have died naturally can yield valuable items to be used. For large piles of elephant tusks to be burned is unbelievable, in that the nature of things would warrant the use of the ‘remains’. These remains can be utilized for the good things in life, including the restoration of antique piano keys.

      1. You hate Ron because he’s right, dear, where you just want to conform to the “popular” point of view.
        Think about the fact that for thousands of years the world was fine, and all of the problems in the world suddenly started when your generation showed up.

  3. I have a 1923 Stodart studio upright with ivory keys. To have the keys replaced with plastic would be an idiotic, pointless waste. The elephants that provided the ivory died a century ago. What would I do with the ivory that was removed? Throw it in the trash? Burn it? How would that benefit the animals that died so long in the past, or, for that matter, elephants living today? Sometimes activism is taken too far, beyond reason.

  4. Ivory is precious. Instead of destruction, it should be conserved and recycled. It should be harvested from reserve elephants that have died from natural causes. If you want to make a law, require the recycling ivory – especially from old pianos and guitars.

    A while back, it was reported that instead of killing elephants, the poachers were raiding the confiscated stores of ivory thereby saving the lives of countless elephants. So what happens? They burn the stores and put elephant lives at risk.

  5. Sir Paul McCartney advocates for Meat Free Monday…I never read him talk about Piano Free Monday to save elephants…

  6. It seems this may be a bit of a dead issue. It is much more economical for keys to be produced from almost any other type of eligible material, and if one wanted an “authentic” ivory keyed instrument it could be achieved (at a great expense) by finding an existing ivory source that required no animals to be hurt.
    Even if one wanted fresh ivory this could be accomplish by harvest the ivory from animals that die of natural causes – whether it be in a zoo or in the wild. Again, you had better have the bucks to afford it.

  7. This article became silly to me when I got to the paragraph with the sentance “or even just about the use of animals for consumer purposes, it can be hard to process.”
    You realize that even without the ivory keys, animal hide glue was and is used in pianos and many other furniture items.

  8. Nice plug for Stienway and Baldwin, but could you please tell me then who will make what I want, w/ ivory.
    Thank you for any assitance into this matter.

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