Online Activities During Coronavirus

Best Online Activities for Coronavirus Quarantine

Online Activities During Coronavirus

With the spread of the coronavirus, life as we know it is moving indoors. In many major cities, schools are closed, restaurants and bars are shut down, events are postponed, and employees are working from home. The goal is social distancing in order to flatten the curve and reduce the impact of Covid-19 in our communities. We are all sacrificing our individual freedoms to help the common good.

As we self-quarantine and spend more time inside, there is a growing need to occupy our time in productive ways, to remain calm, reduce stress, and find joy in our new reality. We rounded up ideas to help you practice social distancing while staying educated and entertained. From online workout videos and digital museum tours, to online side jobs and online lessons with experts, there is a silver lining to life indoors.

Try these fun online activities at home to thrive during coronavirus quarantine.


1. Exercise with Free Online Workout Videos

One strategy for social distancing includes avoiding crowded in-person gyms and fitness studios. However, you don’t have to sacrifice physical fitness while staying at home. There are a multitude of ways to workout online, and many of the online workout videos are free to consume and easy to stream on your computer, phone, or tablet. On YouTube, you’ll find yoga, strength training, HIIT, kickboxing, and more free online workout videos. Or, choose an online fitness program that is designed for your goals, such as Tone It Up with home exercises for women, or Fitness Blender with his and her routines. No matter which workout you choose, fitness is a great online quarantine activity at home.

2. Start an Online Side Hustle Job

Staying home doesn’t have to mean decreased productivity or lower income. The modern gig economy provides a variety of ways to start a side job online. Start by asking yourself these key questions. What unique skills do you have? Can you teach those skills to others through an online platform? Perhaps you’re bilingual, you’re a passionate piano player, or you’re an experienced visual artist. Websites like are platforms for online lessons, connecting experts with peers who want to learn. With a computer, webcam, and internet, you can become a teacher while staying at home. Learn more.

What to Do at Home During Coronavirus3. Get Cultured with Virtual Museum Tours

While international travel is paused, it’s normal to crave what we can’t have. And one of the best parts of any international vacation is exploring a city’s art and history museums. Luckily, many of the world’s top museums now offer online tours, so digital visitors can explore, admire, and learn from the comfort of home. One of the most unique online quarantine activities at home, Google Arts & Culture partnered with 2,500 museums to create and share virtual tours and online exhibits. Just a few of the featured museums include the Guggenheim in New York City, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and the British Museum in London. Learn more.

4. Get Informed on Global Topics with TED Talks Videos

Are you interested in learning more about the coronavirus pandemic? Or perhaps you need a break from current events, and would like to explore other topics that resonate with peers around the world. TED Talks is a platform with over 3,000 videos of speakers in unique subjects. The speakers are experts in their field, and share their messages in 10 minute videos that are entertaining and easy to digest. While you’re cooped up at home, why not learn something new? TED Talks is a free learning platform, and there is a subject to interest everyone. Consider watching “Why you should get paid for your data” and “How burnout makes us less creative” to start.

5. Learn New Skills Online, from Music to Language

Are you sitting at home staring at that piano you still haven’t mastered? Are you forced to delay your European vacation until the travel bans are lifted? There are skills you can learn online to fill your time and get you closer to your goals. While online videos are entertaining, it may take a one-on-one private online lesson with a teacher to speed up the learning curve. Websites like offer two-way video streaming technology, so you can connect with a teacher in an online classroom and learn something new without leaving your house. The website offers opportunities for online guitar lessons, online piano lessons, online Spanish lessons, online American Sign Language lessons, and even more subjects. If you’re looking for ways to socialize and learn, they also offer live group classes online, for peer and teacher interaction.

Online Lessons During Quarantine

6. Meditate and Practice Self-Care with Online Apps

With news changing daily, and new lifestyle and travel restrictions added weekly, it’s a very stressful time for people all around the world. The spread of coronavirus means we are losing our freedoms and gaining more stress. There is no better time for self-care. One free and easy habit for taking care of your mental well-being is meditation. While you don’t need technology to meditate, there are a variety of apps that offer guided meditation practices. Download apps like Headspace and Calm to receive free guided meditations for beginners that can help you manage stress in a healthy way.

7. Walk and Learn with Podcast Entertainment

Fresh air is important for clear minds and healthy bodies. For cities where outdoor walks are still permitted, exercising outside is a great way to break up the indoor monotony. Grab your headphones, stream a podcast, and walk to stimulate your mind and body. The podcast industry is booming, and there is content to match all interests, from news and current events, to celebrity interviews, health advice, and true crime. For a mixture of global topics and celebrity interviews, check out Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. For health and wellness, give a listen to The goop Podcast. For long-form interviews, stream The Joe Rogan Experience. If your neighborhood allows, walk in nature away from crowds.


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