Ultimate Gear Giveaway Writing Tips

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We know how nerve-wracking it can be to put your feelings into words and publish your story–especially with three awesome prizes on the line!

As we review the final round of essays, here’s what our selection committee will be looking for:


Playing, creating, and even just listening to music is an incredibly emotion-driven hobby. As you write, choose descriptive and emotive words that really let your passion shine!


Don’t be afraid to think of creative ways to present your essay, whether that’s with the tone you set, an unexpected twist, or adding in a bit of humor.

Spelling and grammar.

Make sure to proofread, and then get a second pair of eyes on your work in case you missed something!

And of course, don’t forget to Share!

This giveaway is a bit different, because you’ll need support from your friends, family, and community to make it to the finalist round! Once you’ve submitted your essay, we encourage you to share the link with all of your social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, and also email the link to your family and friends. Let them know you need their votes to win!

From all of us at TakeLessons, good luck!