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Moving to Spain: 10 Expats Share Their Insight

May 23, 2018

Moving to Spain: 10 Expats Share Their Insight

Moving to Spain 10 Expats Share Their Insight

Moving to Spain is an exciting decision! It’s your chance to learn about a new culture, get better at speaking Spanish, and live experiences that would never otherwise be available to you.

Whether you are moving to Spain for work, study, or just an adventure, you are likely to have a number of qualms and concerns. But don’t worry — we’re here to help you make a smooth transition.

The Cost of Living in Spain

Although the cost of living in Spain has increased over the last few years, it is still an inexpensive option for expats from the U.S. In fact, housing is already far less expensive than it was in the past: on average, you can expect to pay around $600/month for an apartment with one bedroom or $900/month for two bedrooms in downtown — or even less on the outskirts of a city. Prices tend to increase with proximity to the coast.

Public transportation, including buses and rail, makes it easy to get around the country. It’s also reasonably cheap to eat out in Spain, ranging from $11 at an inexpensive restaurant to $22 for a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant. Keep in mind that this can also vary depending on what city you’re in, with more tourist-heavy cities being more expensive. You can see some comparisons of cost of living here.

Living Expense Calculator

Use this Living Expense Calculator to determine how much you are likely to spend in Spain. You can improve the accuracy of you calculations by noting down what you normally spend in a month; for instance, how often you eat out a restaurants, what groceries you buy, and in what activities you normally partake.

What Expats Have to Say

Of course, the best advice about moving to Spain comes from those who have already made the move! Here’s what some our favorite bloggers said about their most surprising revelations after moving to Spain.

Moving to Spain - 1

“The most unexpected or surprising thing that I learned after I moved to Spain was all of the little cultural cues and phrases Spaniards use in everyday life that you never learn in the textbook, things like greeting and saying goodbye to people in the elevator, the waiting room at the doctor’s office, or at the gym; wishing “enjoy your meal!” to complete strangers; having to say me pones… for a bartender to get you something and me cobras… for them to charge you for it; and not apologizing if you accidentally touch/bump someone on the street.

Much of this is stuff you pick up after living in Spain for a while, so it feels great when you remember what to say or do and you finally ‘fit in’ for half a second.”

Trevor, A Texan in Spain

Moving to Spain - 2

“One of the most surprising things to us was how welcoming, accommodating, and friendly the locals were to us. Right from the beginning