4 Online Calculators That Make Math Homework Easier

online calculators

When you’re looking for math help, the Internet can be a great resource. With a few online calculators that make homework a little less worrisome, you can breeze through your assignments while still understanding how each concept works. Here are a few websites to check out when you need to use a specialized online calculator:


With a name like Math.com, you’d have to expect that the calculator would be decent. This website has a few different calculators that you can use for whatever math subject you’re working on. If you are studying algebra, the quadratic equation calculator, as well as the square root calculator, might come in handy. And if trigonometry is giving you some trouble, there are calculators for the three major functions: sine, cosine, and tangent!

If you haven’t quite made it to algebra and trigonometry problems yet, there are still some calculators here that you might be able to use. There’s a percents calculator, which can come in handy when dealing with parts of a whole, as well as a calculator to determine whether a number is prime. If you need to do some basic arithmetic, there also is a basic calculator, and a scientific calculator if you have your function laid out but just need to compute it.

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The calculators at Math.com might seem like a one stop shop for everything you might need for some math help. With the selection of calculators all in one place, it’s hard to disagree.


The calculator at Mathway.com is different than what you might expect from most online calculators. Where most of the calculators have specific functions and keys, the Mathway.com calculator allows you to construct the complete equation first and then solve it. If you have a series of equations that you need to solve, this is a great way to set it up and solve it quickly.

Tons of common functions are also featured on this calculator. Whether you’re looking at basic math and pre-algebra topics, or geometry, trigonometry, and calculus work, there’s a way to build the equation you’re working on.

While having all this power at your fingertips might seem a little daunting, don’t worry. Mathway.com has classified everything into the various groupings in which you might need each math function. That means if you’re trying to solve an algebra equation, you won’t need to go any further than the algebra tab. Some functions are given by keyboard inputs instead of a button on the screen, such as subtraction or multiplication, but any higher level operators are available for you to use.


At first glance, this calculator doesn’t seem too fancy or special. It looks like a scientific calculator without any extra frills. But when you dive a little deeper and see that you can type in a graphing equation and have it create a plot of the equation for you, things become a little more interesting! For math help with graphical matters, this is one of the better offerings available.

You can use this online calculator to work with complex numbers, do statistical analysis, and convert units. It might not do everything for math help under the sun, but it can help you out with almost any math issue.

Calculator Soup Fractions Calculator

With all of the fancy bells and whistles that the other three online calculators had, there was one thing that may have been missing. Having a simple calculator for work with fractions can go great lengths in giving you some math help in the fraction arena.

Sometimes having too many features can make things overly complex. With this fraction calculator, you can compute any basic math function with two fractions. No need to search for the fraction key on a full scientific keyboard, or try to work with nested parentheses. This calculator is simple, and works perfectly for what it was intended.

With all four of these calculators, and any others you might find online, it’s important to use them as a tool and not in place of learning the concepts they work with. If your math tutor or teacher has given you homework that needs to be done without a calculator, it’s for good reason: so that you understand how the math concepts work. They’d probably be fine if you used a calculator to check your work after it’s done though! When you understand the process, and what steps the calculators are shortening in the process, then using an online calculator for math help can be incredibly helpful.

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