3 Steps for Making the Most of College

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Building your career starts with the effort you put in during your college experience – and that means more than simply showing up to class! Read on as Watchung, NJ tutor Luis F. shares his tips for making the most of college and preparing yourself well…

One of the more satisfying aspects of academics is the desire to continue helping students with their particular objective of staying focused and on track throughout the college experience and beyond.

Classroom Experience (courses, internships, seminars)

Obtaining an undergraduate degree proves that a person can visualize broad concepts intuitively. That level of insight will open doors to any employer since it demonstrates the ability to express those qualities as well as the capacity for marketing crucial elements of intellectual aptitude to management.

Preparing for the eventuality of hurdles requires juggling multiple responsibilities. The best way to deal with those burdens is to apply Time Management and to handle it on a major and minor level.  On Sunday or Monday, make a list of all the activity scheduled for that week. This is the major view of your weekly obligations. On each particular day, prioritize each major activity and begin to break it down into reasonable tasks, or minor tasks. Do this for every major activity for that day. Set a timeframe of, say, one hour, and move on to the next activity whether done or not with the current task. Any major activity not reached by the end of the week, is either canceled or promoted to the upcoming week’s priority position on the list.

It may not seem necessary during college, but it is advisable to inquire about training courses at the university. If it is offered, sign up for Microsoft Project and any CRM (Client Relationship Management) training they may offer. These technologies will make you stand out above your peers and will make you extremely productive and efficient at work.

Workforce Experience (marketing, planning)

In terms of personal marketing, it can be useful to find the nearest ToastMasters branch to examine the intricacies of public presentations. Take any report assignments from courses and offer to read it in front of their next meeting. Alternatively, they may provide a written speech that can be read instead. They will offer feedback, comments, and guidance on proper presentation etiquette in a realistic setting. Also, check the local newspaper (or college career office) for companies that conduct public surveys via telephone interviews to private residences or private firms. These companies conduct market research for clients interested in marketing their products or services to new segments of the economy. This type of employment is flexible and geared toward coaching people on developing voice, reading skill, and customer relations ability. It may seem contrary to your career objective, but it can develop a stronger and more personable candidate, not to mention the confidence boost.

At any rate, it can be argued that the one true way to achieve a balanced work schedule and fulfilling lifestyle is to learn how to make sacrifices. Specifically, finding assignments with flexible time schedules. For instance, instead of working the typical 9-to-5 job, find a position that operates night schedules or seasonally. Then, when your personal schedule is stable enough, return to the daytime routine. The point is finding a career that is flexible and learning to be flexible yourself when life becomes challenging.

It can be beneficial to arrange an appointment with the university’s Career Services office. If that doesn’t provide the answers sought, visit a local public library and ask the librarian to present their titles on career management. If that still does not appeal to the overall goal, then try branching out to public libraries in other neighboring towns, until you find one that fulfills those personal needs and goals on a closer level.

Professional Network (maturity, organization, leadership)

Seek out role models that provide pertinent materials throughout the mentoring relationship and that also test you to reveal areas of concern as well as areas of strength in learning. The best mentors are the ones that use tasks that take into consideration areas of academic and personal obligations in order to maintain a balance and equal level of motivation. The most effective mentors strive to remain as flexible, as endearing, and as inspirational as possible.  In such cases, the individual need only to observe and apply that relationship where appropriate.

The best results have been achieved by working within personal circles and branching out from there. Start by joining clubs and organizations in local schools or the surrounding community. It may seem boring, but you will meet people who experienced the same dilemmas when they were your age. If they can’t answer your questions, they will be more than willing to introduce you to somebody who will. Another option is to meet with a professor outside of the classroom to discuss personal strengths and objectives. Be sure to keep in touch with the professors who gave you the highest grades, as they will become instrumental in the future.

It also goes without saying that those people are the very same people who will become vital in other respects. First, they will remain constant images of maintaining and projecting self-confidence. Second, the wider your circle of former academic counterparts, the greater the probability that they could become a source of opportunity, or better yet, a springboard to other sources of opportunity. Start building your resources now within the walls of the university and continue doing so throughout your career.

The information provided previously is a brief overview on making the most of college and possibly a potential career. However, all the tools in the world mean nothing without the right people to make it happen, or to act as a guide along the way.


LuisFLuis F. is a Rutgers University Alumnus.  Luis is based in Watchung, NJ, and mentors composition and research on an academic level as a prerequisite to advance level courses or career objectives. Learn more and book lessons with Luis here!



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