living in Mexico, an expat's take

12 Things I Learned After Moving to Mexico | An Expat’s Take

living in Mexico, an expat's take

Want to learn Spanish fast? Moving to a Spanish-speaking country is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and fast-track your language-learning experience.

While Spain is known for its beauty — and the Spanish culture is certainly exciting — don’t forget about Mexico as an option! Living in Mexico can be a fantastic experience, as many expats can attest to. We recently connected wiith Tina over at Los Gringos Locos, and her article featuring her observations definitely stood out to us.

After moving to Michoacan in 2013, here are just a few of the things Tina noticed while living in Mexico:

The culture is family-oriented

We have a large family with four kids.  In Mexico that is very common and highly prized. When we first moved, I was talking with an older gentleman and he jokingly said we were like Mexicans, with our large family.

The cost-of-living is considerably lower than the US or Europe

Our rent is a third of what our mortgage and insurance was in Kentucky, USA. Our house is bigger and more comfortable. A doctor’s visit is 30 pesos, or about $2 US. You can’t beat that!

We are learning to speak a foreign language

Being bilingual has several advantages. One is that you use and gain more brain power. Two is that as an adult there may be more job opportunities available to you. I am happy our kids have this opportunity!

Mexico is a vast and diverse country

It is not a dry, sandy desert that we sometimes picture in our minds. There are deserts, forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, ocean shores, caves, cenotes, hot springs, valleys, canyons, and more to see in Mexico.

Want to know more? Continue reading her post here, and be sure to check out her awesome resources for homeschooling and language-learning for families!

Readers, what do you think? Expats, what would you add to Tina’s list about moving or living in Mexico? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Photo by Scott Clark

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