We Can’t “Let it Go”: The 7 Most Important Viral Videos Inspired by Frozen

You might think you’ve heard “Let it Go” from the Disney hit Frozen at least a million times. However, if you haven’t heard the shredding metal guitar version, the Jimmy Fallon and The Roots version, or one fed-up father’s take on the song, have you really heard it at all?

“Let it Go” has taken over the Internet, with countless covers popping up on YouTube every day. We did the dirty work for you and rounded up the most important versions of “Let it Go” that you need to see.

1. Let It Go – Frozen – Alex Boyé (Africanized Tribal Cover) Ft. One Voice Children’s Choir

Combine a spectacular choral arrangement with stunning performances by some very talented kids, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a fantastically viral video.

2. Let It Go Meets Metal

Who knew a Disney song could rock this hard?

3. Let It Go (Disney’s “Frozen”) Vivaldi’s Winter – ThePianoGuys

On the other end of the spectrum, check out this classical mash-up!

4. Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel & The Roots Sing “Let It Go” from “Frozen” (w/ Classroom Instruments)

This rendition of “Let it Go” combines Jimmy Fallon’s playfulness with the talents of Idina Menzel and the Roots for a feel-good treat.

5. A Frozen Father (“Let it Go” Dad Parody)

Dad strikes back. Don’t worry Dad, at least it’s not Bieber fever!

6. Maddie and Zoe sing “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen”

For the parents out there, this rendition of “Let it Go” probably has the most familiar sound…

7. Disney’s Frozen (Cute Kitten Version)

And of course, it wouldn’t be the Internet without kittens.

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