6 thoughts on “50 Best Blues Piano Songs (+ Steps to Play the Blues!)

  1. Could u help me? Am 63 yrs old play/love classical music..was raised puritan…however! Would LOVE! To play blues/jazz! Do middle a little, but need recommendation books to learn from..Don’t need basics..although far from pro, do play Beethoven,Chopin,Grief etc with some proficiency..lifelong dream..Times awaiting! Greatly appreciate any help! With gratitude..Mark

    1. Won’t let me write di d d l e ! a little! And G r I e g! Not Grief! Good grief!!!! Thanks again! Mark Shapiro

    2. Hi Mark! We’d love to help you learn to play blues/jazz on the piano! What city are you in? You can browse teacher profiles here (/category/piano-lessons) and look for someone who specializes in jazz. Or, give us a call at 877-231-8505 and we can help you find the best teacher near you :).

    3. Look up “Tim Richards”. I’m going through his “how to play blues” book. It’s excellent. I’m 44, and I was also raised on classical. Love this book, and will probably get the first “how to play jazz” for Christmas. Cheers! Dave

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