Learn French Online: 5 YouTube Videos to Get You Started

These days it seems like guides to almost anything are available for free online, and learning French is no exception. While these videos are no substitute for taking French classes or studying with a French tutor, practicing with these videos is a great way to study!

Absolute Beginner French (Pronunciation) from KDO Learning

Let’s start at the beginning (which is a very good place to start), which is of course with the ABCs. This video takes you through the French alphabet, first by giving you names for the letters and then by demonstrating the pronunciation of each one with some useful words as examples.

The KDO Learning channel doesn’t provide extensive vocabulary lessons, but there are some more helpful pronunciation guides, plus French literature videos that will help you get the sound of the language.

Learn French with French 101 – Common Words & Phrases from The Travel Linguist

If you’re planning to travel to a French-speaking country before your command of the language is solid or simply aren’t confident in your ability to keep up with French at native speeds, this video’s selection of phrases is an important resource. Getting these expressions, including, “Could you please repeat that?” and “Excuse me,” into your vocabulary will get you out of a tight spot while you’re learning.

The Travel Linguist has a wide selection of videos in a variety of languages, including a lot of solid, basic French vocabulary.

Learn Basic French: The best basic French toolkit from Fluenz

Continuing to expand your choice of vacation destinations, this guide provides some more helpful words and phrases for traveling in a Francophone country. The primary focus is on basic repertoire to help you through situations like visiting a restaurant or taking a cab. However, this video will give you tools useful for many other goals.

Fluenz has several more YouTube videos, and a link in the video description will take you to a site with some interactive exercises to help you learn French online.

Beginners’ French: Video Lesson One from JeFrench.com

Had enough of stock phrases and ready to get deeper into the language? This video introduces the subject pronouns (I, you, she, and so forth), plus the verbs “to eat” and “to like”, and guides you through forming basic sentences. That may not seem like much, but a solid grounding is important if you want to learn a language well.

This video is the first in a playlist of similar lessons, and the JeFrench website, though it requires a signup, has more free videos to guide you.

French for Beginners: Units 1-6 from Imagiers

Fair warning: this video is almost nine hours long, so it feels almost like cheating to only count it as one. Still, the length makes it sound more intimidating than it is: six units of beginning French lessons are collected here, containing vocabulary, grammar, and more. It’s an excellent way to grasp the fundamentals of the language. And after all, there’s no rule stating you have to watch the whole thing in one sitting! (In fact, please don’t.)

Imagiers has many more lesson videos available, including much shorter lesson-by-lesson breakdowns of the units contained in this video, so you can control your pace.

Whichever videos you choose to watch, have fun, and enjoy the opportunities you have to learn French online. Keep a positive attitude and practice listening and speaking as much as you can. Bonne chance!

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