How You Can Learn a Language in 6 Months

Most of us think that learning a new language as an adult is difficult, or even impossible! What if we could let go of this limiting belief and learn faster and more deeply than we ever thought possible?

According to TEDx speaker Chris Lonsdale, you can learn any language in just 6 months. Lonsdale has been studying language learning for nearly 20 years and developed a set of guidelines to help you let go of the ways of thinking that hold you back from rapid and fluent language learning.

Watch Lonsdale’s TEDx talk below and take notes!

Click here for a transcript of the talk.

Lonsdale suggests finding a mentor as a key part of your plan to get comfortable speaking a language. Interacting with an expert who has the training and experience to help you learn is one of the best ways to get closer to fluency in a new language.

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