5 Beginner-Friendly Websites to Help You Learn Spanish Online

4 More Websites to Help You Learn Spanish Online

5 Beginner-Friendly Websites to Help You Learn Spanish OnlineLast week, we reviewed several websites designed to supplement your Spanish lessons to make sure you’re learning throughout the week! But that’s not even close to what’s available out there… here are five more websites specifically for beginners to help you learn Spanish online!

1) Study Spanish

This website offers free lessons for all levels, including a section for beginners. Study Spanish features a pronunciation guide, useful words and comments for travelers, and even cultural information. The website also has assistance for students studying Spanish in school.

2) About.com’s, Spanish language page

We’ve all used about.com to clarify a few points here or there, but did you know that it also offers Spanish resources, including verb charts, grammar explanations, vocabulary lessons, and online quizzes? As an added bonus, this resource is available for free!

3) SpanishDict

SpanishDict is a great translation tool. Use this resource to practice vocabulary and research phrases you don’t understand. SpanishDict also has great verb conjugation charts that make learning new tenses — and the myriad of ways you can conjugate them — much easier.

4) Cramberry

This resource is a flashcard website that gives you the ability to make flashcards that you can use to quiz yourself on Spanish vocabulary. Cramberry is a smart system, so it will show you the cards you miss more often, thus giving you a greater opportunity to learn those tricky words. Don’t have any vocabulary to study at the moment? Use Cramberry’s pre-made Spanish flashcards to learn some new words!

Finally, keep in mind — though the internet makes it easier to learn Spanish online, nothing beats the benefit of studying one-on-one with a qualified tutor. Your tutor will help you stay motivated, catch your pronunciation mistakes before they become habits, and cater the lessons for your particular learning style. Browse our Spanish tutors near you here!

Bonus:  Check out our guide to ways to learn Spanish by budget!

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