From the Troubadour to Staples Center: Your LA Concerts Survival Guide

Best LA Concert GuideThere’s no music like live music! And when you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, you have countless opportunities to catch acts great and small at the many awesome local venues. Whatever kind of music you like or want to discover, going out to a concert in LA is a great way to spend an evening and perhaps even find your new favorite band!

Whether you’re checking out one of the intimate bars in LA for a small-time jam session, or hitting up the Staples Center for a massive spectacle of a party, every show requires some degree of preparation for even the most avid of concert-goers. But before you head out, prevent stress and maximize your fun by checking out the following tips for surviving LA concerts:

Before the Concert

Beforehand, think ahead about the logistics of the show, and what you’ll need to bring.

  • If you’re bringing kids along, make sure the venue allows them, the show is appropriate, and that you prepare for their needs (especially ear protection). Remember, just because a rock show says “All Ages” doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be fun for a kid – and just because a show might be at the Walt Disney Center doesn’t necessarily mean it will be engaging for a young audience.

  • Dress comfortably, and take into account whether the venue has a coat check. At some venues, you might be standing all night, so wear comfortable shoes! It’s also smart to figure out how parking will work, and whether the venue allows re-entry, before you plan on stashing anything in the car. If you’re going to a show that you expect to be crowded, or if you expect to move around frequently during the evening, think twice about wearing that nice necklace or watch.

  • For large festivals that last all day or multiple days, don’t forget to plan for things like extra water, sunscreen, and food. Take a look at a schedule ahead of time, plan which bands you’d like to see, and be ready to compromise your itinerary as you go, just in case.

  • For one-night shows, think ahead about the venue’s rules, and don’t carry anything that could be considered dangerous. Many venues don’t allow backpacks or certain clothing items like bandanas or chains.

  • If you or anyone in your group has special needs, make sure the venue can accommodate them. Call ahead or visit the venue’s website, rather than playing things by ear at the door, or you’ll risk huge delays and possible disappointments.

  • Plan pocket space for your essential items, like your driver’s license and cell phone.

  • Get cash ahead of time so that you can visit the merch tables or tip your bartender without having to pay for ATM fees.

  • Most of all, don’t forget your tickets! If you have them on your phone, make sure the venue can scan them from your phone at the door. If you order your tickets to will call, make sure you know where and how to pick them up.

During the Concert

Once you’re at one of your favorite LA concerts or festivals, get the most out of your experience!

  • Plan rendezvous points ahead of time with friends and family to avoid stress. A good step is to immediately identify where smoking areas and bathrooms are, and use those or similar locations.

  • If you’re with a large group of friends, accept that people will split off, and if a lot of your friends are at the show, accept that you probably won’t get to see everyone. It’ll make your experience much less stressful!

  • Conserve your phone battery by turning off unnecessary apps, Wi-Fi, and just generally keeping the thing off unless you really need it!

  • Check out everything in the venue, from the bands’ merch tables to checking out posters from historic LA concerts decorating the walls at most concert halls.

  • Pace yourself if you’re at a show for a long day or for multiple days. Don’t spend all your money, party too hard, or get too caught up in planning!

After the Concert

The fun doesn’t end when the the last guitar pick hits the floor. Try these tips to make the most of the night, and sweeten the memories afterward:

  • Stick around on the floor (as long as you’re not in the way of the cleanup crew), or hang out near the front of the venue to increase your chances of snagging free or cheap copies of extra concert posters or other souvenirs.

  • Hang out at the bar for a minute after the last set. Sometimes, this can be a great way to meet band members! At mid-sized older venues with a lot of history, like the Troubadour or the Roxy, this can be a great way to learn something new and hear great stories about past shows.

  • Consider throwing an afterparty if nobody already planned one, or head to an all-night restaurant so you can invite all your new friends from the show!

  • Save wristbands, ticket stubs, and handouts for memorabilia, and post pictures of the show online if you’re so inclined. Your friends who missed the great night will be more motivated to join you the next time!

  • Visit the websites and Facebook pages for bands you liked. Some (like Iron Maiden) are known for posting pictures of their audiences and inviting attendees to tag themselves, and this can be a fun way to interact with them.

Whether you’re already a concert addict, or are new to this great way of getting out on the town once in a while, you’ll have a great time checking out new and exciting LA concerts. Going out and enjoying live music for an evening is good for your body, brain, stress levels, and creativity – and you might even meet some new friends!

Not sure what show to hit up tonight? Check out our guide to finding concerts in LA if you need some help getting started on this great new hobby. Enjoy the show!


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