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Job Skills for After the Pandemic (That You Can Learn Online)

November 6, 2020

Job Skills for After the Pandemic (That You Can Learn Online)

Learning new job skills is for everyone.

This pandemic forces us to be apart physically.  However, in many ways it makes the world seem like a smaller place because we’re all going through this together. While crowded lecture halls are now a thing of the past, we can take time now to learn and develop job skills online for use both now and after this pandemic.

Yes, learning new job skills applies to everyone and not only to high school and college-age students. This is a great time for adults to freshen up their current job skills and to develop new skills that will prove useful in the future. 

Consider Learning a Foreign Language

Let’s address the growing trend of learning a new language. Many learners are taking advantage of the extra hours spent at home by immersing themselves in a new language. Applying yourself to your lessons and becoming fluent gives you an edge on your resume and can prove to be the difference between getting the job/promotion or being left behind.

As businesses continue to have an effect on global markets there will continue to be a need for bilingual speakers. As I look at available teachers on the TakeLessons website, I see that there are teachers who have years of teaching (one who has been teaching since 1976) and plenty who have a lot of training.

I am impressed by a young woman who speaks French, Russian, Ukrainian, and has a Master’s degree in French language and literature. If you want to learn a new language in order to increase your value in your work field or to gain a skill that could be the key to entering a new field, then l recommend committing yourself to at least two lessons each week along with materials that your teacher may recommend. 

Computer Skills Will Always Be Necessary

An absolutely necessary skill for anyone – no matter where you live or what your future job might be – is having computer skills.

You clearly already have some computer skills, as you are currently reading this article. But will your current skills be enough to keep you relevant in the job market? Would they set your resume apart if you needed a job in six months?

Do you know the basics of computer terminology? Enough so that you understand what your boss is talking about in his presentation? Do you know how to switch between browsers, host meetings via Zoom and Skype, or create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel

These are skills that many professionals view as vital skills for the job. 

How Proficient Are You in Your Primary Language?

Learning to speak English well is a very important job skill that must not be overlooked. As an English teacher, I hear native English speakers who don’t speak well. Yet I see English learners who enunciate their words and use grammar correctly.

The English language is viewed as valuable in the business world by many.  Native English speakers would do well to ensure that pronunciation, grammar, syntax, and public speaking abilities are polished.

While you’re perfecting your spoken English skills, improve your writing ability. This is another key way to set yourself apart in the job market.

Improve Your Writing Skills Today

Have you noticed all of the acronyms that are commonly used today? ROFL means rolling on the floor laughing. IKR. SMH.  This means, “I know right? Shaking my head.” Unfortunately, as these creep into our texting habits they can also become a part of our daily speech and writing.

While it’s fine to talk this way with friends, we need to make sure that our writing on a professional level is where it needs to be. If you were asked to have a training manual on your boss’ desk tomorrow that describes your job in detail, could you write it quickly and professionally?

When was the last time that you wrote an article? How about an article that was going to read by your peers, or by educated professionals? How confident would you feel in your writing ability if you were assigned this task? Why wait to polish your job skills later when you can take the time needed now to improve your abilities now

You Can Unlock New Job Opportunities Today

As you can see, the time to develop your job skills is now. There are many online tutors who can assist you on your memorable journey. You might regret spending your spare time watching reruns of your favorite TV show, but you will not regret investing in yourself and in your future. 


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