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Learn to Write in Japanese: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and Romaji

When you’re studying Japanese, you will come across four different writing styles. While learning to use these new writing styles can be difficult, we’re here to help. These easy-to-follow guides for beginners will help you learn to write in Japanese.

Learn the basics of hiragana, katakana, kanji, and romaji with these guides from our experienced Japanese tutors.

An Intro to Hiragana

Hiragana characters are the most fundamental and basic among the Japanese writing systems.

Here are some basic rules for using hiragana and some helpful study tips.

» The Japanese Writing Systems for Beginners: Learn Hiragana

Learn Katakana the Easy Way

Want to katakana? These tips and tricks will help you gain a basic understanding of the Japanese writing system.

» An Easy Way to Learn Japanese Katakana

Learn Kanji

Kanji is often considered the most difficult of the Japanese writing systems, but learning kanji is an essential step to learn to write in Japanese.

Don’t be intimidated by kanji. With practice, hard work, and dedication, you can learn to read and write in kanji.

» The Japanese Writing Systems for Beginners: Learn Kanji

What About Romaji?

Romaji is a little different from the other writing systems, it’s a way to represent Japanese sounds using the western alphabet.

People tend to have mixed views on romaji, but you should still be familiar with the writing system.
» The Japanese Writing Systems for Beginners: Learn Romaji

The Best Way to Learn the Japanese Alphabet

Even though Japanese can be difficult to read and write, learning the basic Japanese alphabet isn’t as hard as you think!

» The Best Way to Learn the Japanese Alphabet

Japanese Stroke Order

Writing order and stroke order are extremely important in Japanese writing, especially when it comes to kanji.

This beginner-friendly guide will help you learn the correct stoke order for Japanese characters.

» Japanese Stroke Order for Beginners