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7 Awesome Japanese Learning Apps You Should Download Now

The best Japanese learning apps are fun, easy to use, and help you practice what you’re learning in your Japanese lessons. Whether you’re looking to improve your conversation skills or become better acquainted with the written language, these apps will help you learn the Japanese language.

1. Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese








Learn Japanese is one of the best free Japanese learning apps, and it will help you strengthen your vocabulary and grammar skills. You can learn more than 800 useful Japanese words and phrases like greetings, expressions, and terms for dining out. The app also includes audio, so you can listen to the pronunciation of the words. You can also record yourself speaking, so you can work on perfecting your own pronunciation.

2. Tae Kim’s Guide to Learning Japanese

Tae  Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese








This app is useful for both beginner and intermediate students, and serves as a guide for anyone who wants to learn or strengthen their Japanese language skills. You can learn grammar, Japanese language structure, and vocabulary. If you’re new to the language, you can start with an introduction to the Japanese writing system, and then move on to conjugating verbs and adjectives. If you’re more advanced, you can learn specific expressions and more complex aspects of the Japanese language.

3. Learn Japanese by Mindsnacks

Learn Japanese by Mind Snacks








Learn Japanese by Mindsnacks will help you build your Japanese vocabulary with more than 800 words and phrases. This app is great for children, but works well for adults as well. You can learn kanji, kana, and romaji by playing games that gradually introduce the Japanese language. As you advance through the games, you will build your knowledge of Japanese vocabulary and grammar. You can learn 20 words from each lesson, and the review mode allows you to go over previous lessons to build on what you’ve learned.

4. imiwa?









imiwa? is a dictionary app that helps you learn Japanese words. Search and listen to kana, kanji, and romaji words, and practice your pronunciation. Each word is used in sentence form to help you understand proper usage. This app will also teach you how to conjugate verbs. Use the notebook feature to make lists of words and look up the corresponding characters. Once you find the character you’re looking for, the app will show you the number of strokes, and help you practice writing the characters.

5. TenguGO Kana

TenguGO Kana








TenguGo Kana is one of the best Japanese learning apps to practice hiragana and katakana. Learn the Japanese alphabets with charts, quizzes, stroke diagrams, and flashcards. This app gives you a good foundation once you’re ready to learn kanji, since it lets you see how hiragana and katakana relate to kanji.

6. Waygo Translator & Dictionary









Waygo will come in handy as you learn to read and write in Japanese. Snap a picture on your phone of any characters you don’t understand, and then use the app to find the English translation. Once you’ve translated a word or sentence, you can listen to the pronunciation. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you should definitely get this app, it will help you translate menus, signs, and anything else you may not understand while traveling.

7. HelloTalk

Hello Talk








One of the best ways to practice your Japanese speaking skills is to converse with other Japanese speakers. HelloTalk allows you to do just that right from your mobile device. Your HelloTalk friends can even edit your messages to ensure you’re using proper grammar and sentence structure.

These Japanese learning apps are great to help you practice Japanese at home or on the go. If you really want to master the language, however, the best way to learn is with a private teacher or tutor. Find a Japanese teacher in your area, and download these apps to practice between lessons.

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