italian vocabulary

Italian Vocabulary: Learn the Animal Kingdom

italian vocabulary

Is your child an animal lover? Below, Italian teacher Liz T. teaches a vocabulary lesson on how to name the different types of animals in Italian…

Is your child just starting to learn Italian? Keeping a child’s attention while teaching him or her a new language can be difficult. Keep your child engaged by having him or her learn Italian vocabulary words for something he or she loves–animals!

Below are various Italian vocabulary words for the most common animals as well as ways to use these vocabulary words in a sentence. As a helpful note, the following Italian vocabulary words are in the singular form. If you want to change it to plural, don’t forget to look whether it’s masculine or feminine.

Practice the sentences below so your child will be able to hold a conversation with another person about his or her favorite household pets.
  • Ho (insert number here) animali. (I have X number of pets.)
  • Io sono allergico a… (I am allergic to…)
  • Ho una piccolo lucertola. (I have a small lizard.)
  • Ho perso il mio cane. (I lost my dog.)
  • E’ questo gatto in vendita? (Is that cat for sale?)
  • Abbiamo una cucciolata di gattini. (We have a litter of kittens.)

Help your child memorize the following phrases before your next trip to the local zoo!
  • Andiamo allo zoo! (Let’s go to the zoo!)
  • L’elefante è grande. (The elephant is big.)
  • Quella scimmia è malizioso. (That monkey is mischievous.)
  • Il mio animale preferito è… (My favorite animal is…)
  • Non mi piace questo animale… (I don’t like this animal…)
  • Quanto alto è che giraffa? (How tall is that giraffe?)

  • La mucca mangia l’erba. (The cow eats grass.)
  • Animali da fattoria sono cosi carini. (Farm animals are so cute.)
  • Il cavallo fa un suono come questo… (The horse makes a sound like this…)
  • I polli sono cova le uova. ( The chickens are hatching their eggs.)
  • Mi piace andare a cavallo. ( I like to rise horses.)
  • I maiali cattivo odore. ( The pigs smell bad.)

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning Italian and practicing these animal names and phrases. For a great exercise, bring your child to the closest zoo or farm and have him or her practice naming the different animals in Italian.

For more Italian vocabulary words and useful phrases, ask your Italian teacher. He or she will be able to help you feel more comfortable speaking, writing, reading, and listening about topics such as animals.

LizTPost Author: Liz T.
Liz T. teaches singing, acting, music and Italian lessons in Brooklyn, NY. She is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music with a B.M. in vocal performance and has a graduate certificate in arts administration from New York University. Learn more about Liz here!

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