Your 10-Step Cheat Sheet for Learning How to Sing

Introduction to Songwriting

So, you want to be a songwriter? If you’ve already tried your hand at it, you probably know how amazing it feels to create your own music and express yourself through lyrics, chords, and melodies!

As you learn how to write songs, you may notice that every tutorial is a bit different. That’s normal, as the process of writing music is different for everyone! Some write the lyrics first, some the chord progression, and others a melody. Some might start with a title and build from there and others may start with an emotion or a personal event that they want to share through the art of song. All of these methods are perfect for writing songs.

As we share our songwriting tips below, feel free to skip around to different sections as you see fit. Find whatever gets you “into the flow” of your artistic self, and go from there!

  • Find Your Inspiration

    Set up your surroundings, gather your materials and songwriting tools, and make sure your recorder is handy!

  • Think About Your Song’s Structure

    Analyze the structures of your favorite songs, and determine which structure you’d like for your own song.

  • Write Your Lyrics

    Think about your theme or the message you want to get across, and start writing!

  • Write the Melody and Chords

    Grab your recorder and experiment with different melodies, chords, and chord progressions, until one feels right.

  • Write Your Song’s Title

    Consider using the “hook” or repeated words as the title, or simply a description of the song as a whole.

  • Finishing Touches

    Set it aside, refine it, perform it, record it!