Video Lesson- How to Say the Date in Spanish (1)

Video Lessons: How to Say the Date in Spanish


Another day, another set of Spanish words to learn!

Follow along with tutor Sam H. to learn how to say the date in Spanish, including the days of the week and the months in Spanish.

Video Recap – How to Say the Date in Spanish

Time to learn some new Spanish vocabulary!

Days of the Week in Spanish

Lunes = Monday
Martes = Tuesday
Miércoles = Wednesday
Jueves = Thursday
Viernes = Friday
Sábado = Saturday
Domingo = Sunday

Months of the Year in Spanish

Enero = January
Febrero = February
Marzo = March
Abril = April
Mayo = May
Junio = June
Julio = July
Agosto = August
Septiembre = September
Octubre = October
Noviembre = November
Diciembre = December

Formula for Saying the Date in Spanish

Es el __ (number) de _______ (month). 

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