3 thoughts on “How to Learn German Fast: 10 Learning Hacks & Shortcuts

  1. Hi,
    A really nice post you have shared here. It’s really helpful for all. Easy steps you have shared here. According to me learning through Flashcards is also one of the easy methods for learning. Recently I had purchased Greek Language flashcards for my child from Carddia.com. The cards are so clear & easy to understand & learn.
    Thank you

  2. I must appreciate the innovative tips you have compiled for language learners. All these seem to be completely helpful for people trying to learn German from scratch. I particularly liked the tip you shared about going on a German Language Adventure. Thank you for sharing this post and helping learners.

  3. Most people who venture to learn German right from scratch struggle because they are unaware of such hacks and shortcuts. You have shared these tips and truly helped the new learners. The tips on mnemonics and charades are particularly useful. Great post indeed! Written with great thoughtfulness and creativity.

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