3 thoughts on “10 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Violin Bow Hold [Video]

  1. Music is a lot like spoken language, you can speak in a monotonous voice, making each syllable of each word equally important and sound like a robot, or make it interesting.
    I find listening to good violists very frustrating.
    I know that their sound is totally different from my own, but I don’t know what technique I need to practice in order to get it there. If it’s even possible – my strings and instrument might be wrong for the colors I want.

  2. Hi Naomi, I want to get your feedback on something I teach my students. I try to develop in them the idea that the bow hand is just “along for the ride”, as if the bow is a train traveling along and the hand is simply the conductor making gentle directional corrections. My thought process is that if they think of it that way, they don’t do that weird thing where they kind of “carry” the bow over the string to try to make it sound good, but rather learn how to allow the natural weight of the bow produce the sound, and develop hyper-sensitivity in the fingers and wrist that will respond quickly to produce straight bowing, good grip of the string, etc. I know when I was a younger player I would (especially at the frog) try to slightly lift the bow up because I felt like it was out of control, but then I discovered that while at the frog the pinky needs to be extremely engaged to compensate for the weight of the bow that would otherwise cause uneven tone. I would so appreciate your opinion on all of that!!

  3. Thanks. I am just getting back into violin after having quit a long time and this is incredibly well explained and useful.

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