2 thoughts on “How to Hold Drum Sticks: Traditional Grip vs. Matched Grip

  1. Traditional lets you sit closer to the drums. More power, control and stability. I’ve seen matched grip players sitting pretty far from the drum set and lacking power in the kick drum as well in their hands, me personally being one of them. If you play match grip and your drums are further away, you’ll be playing with legs and arms stretched to an angle above the 90 degrees which is just going to waste too much of your energy trying to achieve good quality sound without a result. Also, when you stretch your arms significantly, the index finger will become loose and detached from the drumstick reducing the power of the strokes and inhibiting technique. Each one is different however so what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for other, but I wanted to share my thoughts and experience from a different point of view, because the matched/traditional discussions are always about that one hand only, the left hand. I feel there’s a bit more to it, and it involves body proportions and individual physique. Hoping somebody found this a bit useful anyway, and happy drumming to everyone!

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