4 thoughts on “5 Famous Singers Who Failed Big Before They Made It

  1. Yes, those are very inspiruing experiences,just wanted say i never tried singing but for some reason since i was young threw out my life ive always had something telling me in my heart that i should get the talent that i have inside of me out there for people too see or hear when i say see i mean im trying acting too,yeah but for some reason iv’e always been interupted by work or other opsticals that cross my path till now i finally put my foot down and said “im doing it”cant wait too get started.

  2. such an inspiring article. it is true that sometimes one needs to fail in order to see such great success. failure makes us strong and motivated to do better. this is my takeaway from this..no matter how hard you fall you can and will always get up stronger.

  3. I can’t tell you how much you’ve inspired me…! Thats it! Iam coming to new York after a year and trying my hand at singing . this is it ..god bless you

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