How to Be a Writer: Will A Writing Tutor Help Me?

How Writing Tutors Can Help Writers Your favorite athletes all work with coaches. A football coach creates plays and helps players adapt to the game on the field. A swimming coach analyzes individual parts of the athlete’s stroke to gain more speed in the pool. A gymnastics coach finds ways for the gymnast to add more grace and power to his or her routines. Just like these athletic coaches, a writing coach or tutor is an excellent asset as you work to develop your writing and rise above the competition.

Working with a writing coach is an excellent idea if you are:

  • Looking for support with schoolwork. Writing assignments in school are often challenging. If you need help with writing an essay or other assignments, working with a writing tutor can be incredibly helpful. A tutor can provide critical feedback, assist with revisions, and offer writing examples when necessary. Before you turn in a piece of writing your tutor will help ensure it is your best work.

  • Seeking specific feedback. Many people learning how to be a writer are looking for feedback on a specific aspect of their writing. Are you one of them? Perhaps you are struggling with plot development, conflict resolution, organization, dialogue, or establishing strong characters. A writing coach can provide the feedback you need to refine your work.

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  • Working in a new genre. Each writing genre has a fairly standard set of characteristics that sets it apart from other genres. If you are new to a particular genre a coach can help you discover how to be a writer that has mastered this new type of writing. Some writers may specialize in a single genre, so consider this as you’re searching for the right coach for you.

  • Encountering writer’s block. Every writer has experienced writer’s block at some point. A writing coach can offer a fresh set of eyes and the feedback necessary to continue writing – or at the very least, some words of encouragement! If self-doubt has crept in, your coach will encourage and challenge you to help overcome this block. Having someone on your side that has gone through the same writing struggles can be a huge asset.

  • Hoping to get published. If you are seeking advice on the publishing aspect of how to be a writer, a coach can help you understand the process. Publishing isn’t just seeing your work in a magazine, on the store shelves, or featured online. It involves understanding the manuscript process, which publishers you should submit to, and the way an author interacts with editors. There are a variety of publication options that are specifically for developing student writers. Your coach can help you submit your work to these publishers and will guide you through the online or print publishing process.

  • Considering a career in writing. A career in writing has its own set of challenges. If you are considering studying journalism or writing in college, a tutor can serve as a fantastic mentor. Your tutor will help you approach your middle school and high school writing to better prepare you for college and your future career. With the help of your coach you may also discover what type of writing you excel at most, and how to ramp up your portfolio with quality writing samples.

Practice writing every day, get the guidance you need from a tutor, and most of all – make sure you’re enjoying the process. Good luck!


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