7 Qualities to Look for in the Perfect Ballroom Dance Partner

Whether you’re a veteran dancer or you’re just beginning to learn ballroom dancing, every dancer needs a partner. If you haven’t already found your perfect partner, keep your eyes peeled for these seven winning characteristics.

1. They’ve Got Smooth Moves

Your perfect partner doesn’t have be Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, but they should know how to ballroom dance well. Ideally, you and your partner should be dancing at about the same skill level. The best dancers tend to be the most sought-after partners, but other factors also come into play. A dancer with great skills but a terrible attitude will soon find himself or herself unpopular on the dance floor.

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2. They Put You at Ease

You’re going to be getting close to your ballroom dance partner, so be sure to choose someone you feel comfortable with. The perfect partner knows how to keep it light, even when you feel like you have two left feet. If your partner has the lead, it should feel easy to follow, and not as if you are being led on a military march. If you’re the one doing the leading, your partner should float with you, intuitively following your direction.

3. They Can Teach You a Thing or Two

A ballroom dance partner who can teach you a new step on the fly from time to time is always a joy. Learning new steps will help keep your passion for dance alive. If you can, be sure to return the favor and teach your partner a step or two every now and then.

4. They Are Fun to Talk to

The perfect dance partner should also be a wonderful partner in conversation. Look for someone with a good sense of humor who you truly enjoy talking to. Great conversationalists listen as much or more than they talk because they understand that it’s not all about them. Communicating with your partner should be fun and easy.

5. They Are Not Stinky

You don’t want a partner who smells unpleasant, or whose cologne gives you a headache. Be sure to freshen up yourself before you hit the ballroom. You don’t want to be known as the stinky partner either!

6. They Don’t Put You Down

Dancing with a partner can be intimate and, at times, intimidating. As you learn how to ballroom dance, you will experience moments of insecurity and self-doubt. Your partner should help support you as you learn, and you should do the same for them. Great partners want to help each other succeed. Don’t stick with a partner who bullies you or makes you feel bad about your dancing.

7. They Truly Love to Dance

Your partner loves to dance and it shows! They bring an enthusiasm and sense of fun to each dance. Their passion is contagious, and you find they can get you excited to dance even on your worst days. If you find a perfect ballroom dance partner like this, don’t let them go!

What do you think? As you learn how to ballroom dance, what would your perfect dance partner be like? Tell us all about them in the comments below!


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