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How Much Are Singing Lessons For KidsAmong all the activities your child has to choose from – from sports and dance to book clubs and scouting – is it worth signing him or her up for singing lessons? Absolutely! If the interest is there, private lessons can be a great way to introduce them to music and build their confidence. But in addition to the valuable musical talent your child can develop, consider all the additional benefits of singing lessons you may not have thought of:

With this small glimpse at what singing lessons can do for your child, the next important question you’ll likely ask is, how much are singing lessons for kids? The price is certainly not set in stone.

How Much Are Singing Lessons For Kids?

The average price for vocal instructors who teach children and teens is around $25 per 30-minute singing lesson. More expensive voice teachers may charge $35 or more for a 30-minute lesson. What makes the difference? Why do some voice teachers charge a higher rate than others? Consider the following factors:

  • Experience Teaching Children

The first major factor is the specific experience your teacher has. Youth voice teachers sometimes charge a higher rate because this age group requires a specialized teaching method. Particularly in children younger than 10 years old, the teacher needs a level of patience and experience to keep the student’s interest and hone their musical abilities. Ultimately, finding a voice teacher who is good with kids is critical to your child’s success and is worth the extra fee they may charge for their specialty.

  • The Teacher’s Formal Training

You may be able to find a family friend who enjoys singing and is good with kids, but these two qualities alone don’t make a qualified voice teacher. Instead, you’ll want to choose an instructor who has formal training.

Some teachers have a certificate they earned in a few months, while others may have completed a Bachelor’s or Master of Music degree that took four years or more to earn. These degrees vary and include titles such as Vocal Performance and Music Education. The more training and experience a voice teacher has, the more they are likely to charge.

  • The Student’s Level of Proficiency

Unless your child has taken singing lessons in the past, you are probably safe finding an instructor who teaches beginner- to intermediate-level material. No matter what competency level voice instructors say they teach, however, look for one who uses a proven training technique with some proof behind why it works. The specific techniques you want your child to learn early on include proper breathing, staying on pitch, projecting the voice (safely), and vocal endurance.

  • Singing Style

You may assume that you need to work with a vocal teacher who is proficient in the style you want your child to learn – whether that’s opera, country, gospel, Broadway, classical, or jazz. While it’s true that there’s a huge difference between a country singer and an opera singer, standard basic techniques serve as the building blocks for all types of singing styles. Keep this in mind as your child grows and their singing talent expands. Until then, choosing a teacher that can teach the basics is a perfectly adequate choice – and can often save you money.

Lesson Length

Of course, the length of your lesson will also affect the price you pay. Children tend to have shorter attention spans than adults, so most youth voice teachers recommend starting with 30-minute or 45-minute sessions. Once your child progresses into more advanced techniques, it’s a good idea to increase the length to an hour, which allows for more time to warm up at the beginning of the lesson.  Of course, consult your teacher for his or her recommendation on this.


If you live in an area of the country with a higher cost of living, you can expect your singing lessons to be more expensive. Teachers living in big cities tend to have higher going rates than those in smaller, rural locations. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at the mercy of higher rates if you live in New York or Los Angeles. Another option is to sign your child up to take lessons with a teacher who conducts live, online singing lessons via video chat. This can be the perfect solution and eliminate the need to chauffeur your child to yet another weekly event.

So, are you ready to get your child on the road to developing his or her natural singing talent? Now that you know the answer to “How much are singing lessons for kids?”, you can move on to the next step – finding your teacher! With a great singing teacher guiding your child along, you can set him or her up for success – and a lifetime of learning and fun!


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