11 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Learn Violin? [Infographic]

  1. Does it really take that long? I could play tunes on the mandolin within a couple weeks and was out busking with a friend making good money with it about three months in. It’s the same tuning, so the only difference is learning to use a bow

    1. You should try a violin lesson with a teacher for a while. And i’m pretty sure you would know 5 year is a little bit early to get to the point in the article.

    1. Depends how much you practice, I played with the school band after 3 months (with people who’d been playing for 3 years) but I practiced every day for 2 hours over the summer. Even then I didn’t do so well in the beginning, struggling with basic songs but now I look back to the beginning of the year of band and I can now easily play a piece I struggled with because of all my practice at home and school, and lessons.

  2. Hi Julie – I’d love to print or purchase the graphic to post in my orchestra rooms. Is there anywhere to find it?


    1. Hi Richard! We’re thrilled you like our infographic. Feel free to copy the image in this blog post and have it printed at your local printing shop. As long as you keep our logo at the bottom, we’re more than happy to have you share it in your orchestra rooms!

  3. i played
    for 7 months I learned all four string and four finger ( starting my fifth). I played three solo peices. at this rate, when do you estimate I would be able to aling the bow the right way on the violin every time I try?

  4. The author of this article has done a great job at explaining the impossible. I’ve been playing for over 30 years and can’t seem to explain this question. You see, as you learn more things, your expectations get higher and you realize yet again that you know nothing lol.

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