5 thoughts on “The 12 Hardest Drum Songs: Are You Up to the Challenge?

  1. There are songs on here I have never heard of. Thanks for posting. I’m going to try the Tool band now. Wish me luck.

    1. Bruford? Yes, I know of him. Amazing jazz taught drummer who played on Yes’s two best albums (Close to the Edge and Fragile), then left for King Crimson after the Giles era, and he considers King Crimson his true calling in life, even though it was an abusive relationship. Strangely, I only read a lot about Bruford saying sessions were tough and that they were “Fragile” and “Close to the Edge”. I mean, I heard about it, but that bloke really wanted the public to know that being an elite drum hero for 2 of Prog Rock’s most successful and critically adored bands isn’t like coal mining or anything, it’s real work. Serious man indeed, as he even said his drumming was merely a side-gig and that he was taking a hiatus to head back to university. So a polymath at that. In between listening to his more frantic drumming for Yes and his more restrained, cerebral drumming for King Crimson, I like to sit down and read his thoughts on Chomsky and Hitchens. Kick em’ while they’re down for good, I always say. I wonder what he would think of this Jordan Peterson charlatan that is a New York Times best-selling author now for telling kids to clean up their rooms, lying is bad and truth is the policy that will win out in the end, that men are men and girls and girls, and you can’t dispute science, etc. Poor guy hasn’t seen the world. There’s 37 million people in Canada, most near the bottom where it’s livable, though that’s still 3 million or so less than California. Anyway, good drummer.

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