2 thoughts on “Hack Your Digital Keyboard With These 5 Cool Ideas

  1. The MOTIF XS has bunches of sophisticated attributes to help jump-start your creativity and also live performance possibility.

  2. It would be cool to have a keyboard that had a tone which would say the actual letter names of notes A, B, C , D, E, F, G for the white keys or naturals…then for the flats or sharps (black key notes), I guess I would just make the letter sound for them or for the notes…
    Bb/A# = baa (pronounced like the “baa” in baa baa black sheep)
    { or a B sound instead like Buh}

    Ab/G# = gaa (pronounced as “gaa” like a baby saying goo goo “gaa gaa” )
    (or prounounced like GOggle or GAwk)
    { or a G sound instead Guh}

    Gb/F# = Faa or Fuh or Fi (like Father, Fun, Fib)
    { or an F sound instead Ffff or Fuh}

    D#/Eb = Daa (pronounced like “dau’ in DAUghter)
    Eh (like Eh, or Egg, or pronounced like the “De” in Devil)
    { or an E or D sound instead such as a short E sound or Duh sound}

    C#/Db= Caa (pronounced like a crow making a Caa sound
    or like “Cau” in the word caught)
    { or a hard C cound cuh}

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