TakeLessons Community Shout Outs – Week of 6/16/14

Each week, TakeLessons students and teachers send us their shout outs. We’re thankful to be a part of this positive and thriving community, so we’d like to share these messages with you. Here are the shout outs we received this week:

Shannon K. in Cerritos, CA, wrote, “I want to congratulate Michelle M. who is making amazing improvement each week in her singing! Her dedication to practicing is truly noteworthy!” Great job, Michelle!

Kit R. in Aurora, CO, wrote, “My 9 year old student, Jordan, played a piano piece as her talent for the National American Miss pageant and won! She will get to participate in the next round in June!” Way to go, Jordan! Keep it up and good luck in the next round!

Molly R. in Hayward, CA, wrote, “Just wanted to share that my voice student Bella was cast in a production of Seussical!” Awesome! Break a leg, Bella!

Blake in Tuscon, AZ, wrote, “After working with Lourdes C. I am happy to announce that I am being ushered into grad school with the proverbial golden keys. Thanks to her continued efforts, I have managed to produce academic work of such a caliber that I have been awarded not only a GTA position, but also a scholarship and a fellowship grant. I want to thank Lourdes for her continued support, and her superb tutelage. None of this would have been possible without her and I am so incredibly pleased and privileged to have been accorded such excellence in preparation for my continued academic career.” Congratulations Blake, and three cheers for Lourdes’ hard work!

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  1. Cody Morgan
    Cody Morgan says:

    My student Corrina has made HUGE strides in her past 2 lessons. I’m very proud of the way that she has been open to trying new things & letting her voice work FOR her & not against. Great job Corrina – you’re on your way to success!!


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