TakeLessons Community Shout Outs – Week of 5/16/14

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Each week, TakeLessons students and teachers send us their shout outs. We’re thankful to be a part of this positive and thriving community, so we’d like to share these messages with you. Here’s this week’s shout out!

Debbie S. in Simi Valley, CA, wrote, “My student Janae has successfully passed her Certificate of Merit test in playing, theory, ear training in technique. Congratulations Janae!”

James W. in Jacksonville, FL, wrote, “My student Carla N. is doing great, she has expanded her range by one octave. She is singing better all the time with more confidence. She understands her place in the music pantheon and is making huge improvements in Vocal Power towards her big Audition later this month. She has 3 songs almost ready and is going at it with gusto …. Yay Carla !”

Justin C. in Chicago, IL wrote, “My trumpet student Joe J. just started playing the trumpet in our first lesson back in late January. After much determination and patience, he’s making some pure and clear sounds! His progress is definitely impressing me! Keep up the great work, Joe.”

Malda K. in Naples, FL wrote, “I would like to congratulate my students (Valentina ,Christian and Sebastian) on their recital. You guys performed beautifully and with so maturity that it is great ! I’m very proud of you and keep up your good work . I would like to congratulate my students(Kylie,Dylan and Emily) on their first recital. You did a great job on your first recital. It is not easy to perform on front of an audience,just after three months of taking piano lessons. I’m very proud of you! Thank you.”

Gfire in Austin, TX wrote, “I want to congratulate Chrissie M. on doing her very first singing exercise today!! That is the first step to actually being able to match pitches.”

Priscilla G. in Milwaukee, WI wrote, “My high school freshman student, Courtney, received a 1st place award at both regional and state WSMA (Wisconsin School Music Association) solo & ensemble festivals. She’s also been promoted to the Varsity Choir for her sophomore year and lettered in choral music. She’s been taking private voice lessons with me for two years.”

Xiaole L. in Irvine, CA wrote, “45% of students taking Certificate of Merit from my Piano Studio received Honor rating from the 2014 CM evaluators. Allan L. participated in the Composers Today’s recital and Megan L, participated in California State Contest. The audience enjoyed the performance of Megan L. and Joyce L. giving favorable comments at the MTACSC Honor Recital. Additionally, my Fatasia Española won the Third Place in the Composers Today State Contest, Category 7 (Teaching Piece).  I will perform my piece at the 2014 MTAC Convention in LA.”

Kim K. in Ridgewood, NY wrote, “Kelsey C. started and finished a crocheted afghan this week.”

Tim B. in Newberg, OR wrote, “Shout out to Ollie: Great job with yesterday’s lesson. Remembering to review the notes that you learned awhile back and to keep building from that. If I can reiterate truth, it’s mastering the basics that will give you a solid foundation that will follow you wherever you go with music. Score that touchdown, keep in the game.”

Jennifer J. in Frisco, TX wrote, “I just wanted to share about our spring recital. I had 17 performers doing piano and/or voice. There was the duet, “Say Something”, that Sierra A. and David W. (both TakeLessons students) did. Also, there was a group of 4 girls that sang “Let It Go” from Frozen. Everyone did amazing and they are ALL looking forward to the winter recital! I’m so proud of everyone! Youngest student is 4 years old and oldest is 27.” Check out a photo from Jennifer’s recital at the top of this post!

Wi-Moto N. in Brooklyn, NY wrote, “Matthew M. has been accepted to the BA Acting program at Pace University and will be matriculating this fall. He also rocked the house in the leading role of Gomez Adams at Xaverian High School.”

Jeff W. in San Mateo, CA wrote, “Gabi: learned Maroon 5’s “Payphone” and is now rocking “Roar” by Katy Perry, pretty awesome for a 5 year old. Eugene: always keeping me on my toes, he is learning “Pretender” by Foo Fighters Harrison: rocking some KISS and surf beats Zach: shredding Linear grooves and learning Jeff Buckley. This kid is awesome. Hayden: rocking beats and playing to songs by One Direction Also, all of my TL and private students will all participate in a real recital at a venue, with a professional band on May 30th!”

Yajaira M. in Flower Mound, TX wrote, “I am extremely excited and proud of my student Megan as she has completed one year of vocal training and most importantly her huge improvement on her vocal skills. It amazes me every single day how the Power of Music can blossom one’s talent but most importantly their personality. From the first lesson, Megan came to me as a shy young lady, in whom I knew the moment she sang she had a beautiful voice that was begging to be heard, but her shyness was standing in the way. Throughout her vocal sessions, Megan’s voice has blossomed and her confidence is exuberant. She takes constructive criticism and uses it due to her commitment in wanting to understand the proper techniques. Megan is such a pleasure to teach. I treasure our friendship and love seeing her growth each and every lesson.”

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